Monday, February 1, 2016

Week 52 Transfers!


This week we had transfers and I've never been busier with the work!
We have 5 investigators three of who speak Spanish! So my new
companion is Sister Hernández from Mexico City, Mexico. She's only
transfer two so she's brand new. I'm following up training her! It's a
big job and stressful haha. She is 31 years old which makes my
position kinda awkward being her trainer and all, but she has a great
laugh and singing voice. She sings in our home in Spanish and it's so
beautiful. I'm picking up some Spanish too haha. I know rojo, Es
spiritu santo, oricon, rapido, and claudo! (Haha enjoy my friends who
are out on Spanish speaking missions!) 😂😉

God's timing is incredible and I've just been blown outta my mind
lately! One of our new investigators named Claudia we found with god's
timing. When Wallace Shimai and I were still together, earlier, on the
day we met her, we had bumped into the elders and they gave us her
address as a referral. We knew she spoke Spanish so we weren't going
to go to her house until we had a sister who spoke Spanish with us. We
went to find a referral named Vanessa instead but as we were going
there I felt like we shouldn't. So we were in the same neighborhood as
the elder's referral so we decided that we can go and speak as much
Spanish as we know and see if they're interested. So we pinged the
door bell and someone said hello? We said we are missionaries and she
said, sorry because their family is Catholic. So I kinda paused
because I didn't know how to respond back in Spanish so I just said,
we have a message about Jesus Christ. And Claudia came out! She knew a
tiny bit of Japanese so we were able to teach her the first lesson
right here and two days later we went back and bright her a Spanish
Book of Mormon. She promised to read the entire thing!
When we went back the third time, we had to go on splits with someone
who spoke Spanish so I wasn't there for this part: they went back and
answered claudia's questions and at the end of the lesson Wallace
Shimai bore her testimony and Castañeda Shimai translated it. When she
did Claudia started to cry. She told us that when we had ringed her
doorbell the first day we met her she was really sad and was having
the hardest day. So she knelt down in prayer for the first time in a
long time and asked God to send someone to help her, and at that exact
moment we rang her doorbell. She said that when we said we have a
message about Jesus Christ she knew God sent us. And because we were
so happy and confident when we shared our message even though she
couldn't understand us really, she knew that this is what she needs in
her life!
The spirit guided us to her home so we could be there at the exact
time she needed us!

I'm so grateful for god's timing and for the many timely placed trials
in my life that I have been able to learn from. This is god's work and
it will go forth. "For, verily, the sound must go forth from this
place into all the world, and unto the uttermost parts of the
earth--the gospel must be preached unto every creature, with signs
following them that believe. And behold the Son of Man cometh. Amen."

Love Sister Fordiani

On the bus ride home from splits! So tired!
Us with our new investigator Junko San! She had her birthday this week!
Me and Keo at lunch!
Us and Claudia💕
Smashing mochi at the ward party!

I'm so grateful too because this week I'll be out 1 YEAR! My mission
is almost over yo!

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