Monday, February 15, 2016

Week 54 Valentine's Week

Hi mom!

Happy Valentine's Day!
Shoot that stinks that Anthony didn't make it! What the heck! How's his guitar stuff going?

Hahaha that's so funny they got lost in Provo! That's so cute. I'm glad they went to go visit Olivia! Her job sounds so cool! I'm jealous! Science stuff rocks! I miss everyone a lot. It sounds like everyone is doing good and I can't wait to see everyone again.

Haha Moka got spayed? That's good! I want a Dalmatian dog when I get home. I see them sometimes here in Japan and they look so cool!

I can't wait to see the pictures from spring break! That's still in April right haha? I'm so happy Danny had a good birthday with his friends and that he has friends! God answers prayers! I know he does! I can wait to meet

My investigators date for baptism is on the 27 th. The majority of my lessons are in Spanish now but I don't speak Spanish. My comp translates for me haha. I guess I could learn it though. I am coming home the 19th. They gave us an option for the 15th of July too but I prayed about it and felt like I need to stay. Then I started crying because I'm really scared to get home with only two days. But I have faith that it'll work out in gods hands.

I went shopping today and bought this hat for 10.00, the skirt for 20.00 and the shirt for 5.00! Oh yeah! The regular prices were 30 for the hat, 50 for the skirt, and 50 for the sweater!

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