Sunday, February 21, 2016

Week 55 February 21st

Hahahaha!!! Hi mom! I'm teaching in a Spanish lesson but I am not speaking any Spanish besides like hola and claudo haha! I use my Japanese to find people still don't worry! It's hard to adjust to another language. But I adore all of my Spanish speaking investigators! And they are all doing so well! I'm so happy!

The apartment video is a little too big so I don't think I can send it. I'm sorry.

I can't wait to try the waffle truck when I get home! What do you buy that you can eat mom? Haha I can't wait to see those pictures of high school haha! Weird! Hahaha I was cracking up that you do the boys hair every morning! 😂 I wish you were here to cut my hair haha Japan is the worst on my hair! In the pictures you send of the boys they look so good! They are cuties!

I saw on Facebook that Moka got out of the backyard and then you found her so that's good! I saw that Megan was doing yoga and I wanna try it too when I am home! Mom I think it'll be so good for you and make you happier! I can't wait to hear how it goes! 

Claudia won't get baptized this Saturday but we have faith she can get baptized next month.
I love you! Heading to Costco!

Love Anna

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