Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Week 53 Temple Week

Hi mommy and daddy!

What's good paps!? Hi mommy! Guess what! I come home in six months!?
Holy cow crazy! How's everything at home? Today is temple day and I'm
going to the temple right now so gotta make this short. It's early and
I'm tired!

This week has been the best! My new companion and I are getting along
a lot better.

Okay and we had a mission conference with President Whiting on my one
year date! Anyway this week I found my faith! The conference was all
about faith! So I realized that I needed to put more faith in the lord
and be more bold and loving! Satan knocks down our faith when people
say, "Oh in that mission you don't baptize because it's not South
America..." or "We don't baptize in this area because the people are
too mean..." So we challenged the Lord to build our faith by inviting
Claudia to get baptized and she said yes!!! 😆 she is getting baptized
on February 27th! The next day we went back and knelt with her two
daughters, husband, and the elders and we blessed their home 😊 it was
the first time we met Carlos her husband, but he was super friendly!
And we are hoping that we can teach them as a family. Right now we are
focusing on Claudia and her daughter who is 9 so they can be baptized
together. Then her other daughter can be baptized when she turns 8!

Yes! I am becoming a good missionary! I love you

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