Sunday, July 26, 2015

Week 25 Hodogaya Week 4 (July 20- July 27)

So sorry I missed last weeks email! I got on for the same 90 minutes, but I swear last week went by so quick! I had an amazing week and I got the best news last week! My investigator Emiko San from Yamato area is getting baptized this Saturday August 1st! She passed her baptismal interview and everything! I'm am so excited for her! 

Monday-- we took a trip to the recycle shop called Watmans. It has tons of Japanese things that we looked at all for very cheap! Maybe when I want souvenirs I'll go back there someday.
Tuesday--we had a ton of time to find people so we went housing and on the top of a huge apartment I finally saw Mt. Fuji for the first time! (See picture below) The clouds were all wrapped around it so beautifully! The picture doesn't do it justice. Then we went and handed out flyers for Eikaiwa (Wednesday English Class) at the train station. I handed a flyer to this man and he smiled at me and said, "Shimai senkyoushi desu ka?" Which translates into are you a sister missionary? Hahaha I instantly knew he was a member :) I found out he was from the Atsugi Ward and since that was Handy shimai's last area he totally knew her! We took a selfie with him! That same night we went to Yokohama for hamburg (how you say hamburgers in Japanese hahaha) with a member. They were the best I've ever tasted! But my perception might be twisted because I haven't had a good hamburger since I left America haha.
Wednesday--we called our P.I. Horiuchi San in the morning to see if we could help with anything today, and she told us, and I quote: "I'd like to learn more about this Joseph Smith person and when your group came to be." YES! I was jumping up and down all over the apartment I was so happy! Sadly, she didn't need any help with anything this Wednesday but we are planning to visit and help her out sometime soon! After studies, we went to Yayoidai to visit Don Kyoudai our new member. He introduced us to his daughter which was a huge miracle! We hadn't met her yet because she is hard to catch with school and work. She was nice! We also got to teach two lessons to Shio Shimai and Saijou Shimai who are two members in our ward. Then we taught やっぱり Eikaiwa and that was good too.
Thrusday-- we taught Hattori Shimai (another member) a lesson :) she is sad a lot so we made her really happy. We found her old house in Taiwan on google maps and she freaked out when she saw it! She didn't know you could do "street view". After dinner we went heart attacking in Tsuragamine. I was in charge of directions but I got a little confused so I accidentally took us in the wrong direction. So we only got to one house out of the three we wanted to visit. Then it rained on us. But it was okay! 
Friday-- we visited Shirai Shimai a less active member with her visiting teacher Tsutsumi Shimai. We shared the parable of the lost sheep and because we had a member there we had her help us explain it. We basically told Shirai Shimai that she was the one lost sheep and she won't make it home unless she comes back to church. Hah being bold is scary sometimes but it was a good lesson and we felt the spirit so strong. 
Saturday-- we didn't study in the morning because we had a lesson with Nagano Shimai another less active member. When we were talking before the lesson I told her her nails were cute. So she ran off in her house somewhere and brought back a bin full of every color of nail polish you could ever imagine! And then she painted my nails right during our appointment! I was cracking up! We had to book it home to let the Wada's into our home! We had apartment interviews this transfer. My interview went really well and we discussed how important it was to have a good relationship with the ward so that they trust you. After eating Sister Wada's delicious cookies and getting a full cleaning check on our apartment we ran to Yamato to meet our investigator Rie San at Music Night! Her and her daughter Reika had a great time! (That's the picture you can see on FB 😊) after that we had Questions of the Soul. Sadly, Rie San couldn't stay, but Horiuchi San our Romanian investigator came to that one! We discussed the purpose of life! It was so good! Lots of miracles ね!?
Sunday-- we had church and then in Shonandai we had a departing missionary's testimony meeting. Brox Shimai bore her testimony and it was really good! She was nervous because she was up first. We had a little time to house after so we stopped at this hidden house and we met the cutest old lady! She wasn't interested but she still kept talking to us! And after we finished talking she said that if we were in the neighborhood again we could stop by. Good thing we literally live like 6 blocks away! :)

This week I am learning a lot of patience. Sometimes the work doesn't move as fast as I'd like it to, so I want to move myself faster and faster in hopes that if I work the hardest I can--to the point of death-- then maybe my investigators will be more and more blessed. However, even though working the hardest I can is good, this is still the Lord's work and he will move it in the time frame and the direction that will benefit all of us. So I need patience and I need trust him :) that can apply to our normal life too. Sometimes we don't see the benefit of the trials or things we are going through. But I know that our Heavenly Father loves each and every one of us and everything we go through he benefits to our gain. As we look back at old trials we faced, we see the growth within ourselves and how our testimony has been strengthened. I know that through trials the Lord shapes us into the son or daughter we have the potential of becoming. I promise as you rely on Heavenly Father he will guide your life where it needs to go :) 

Love you all!
Sister Fordiani

1. Mt. Fugi đŸ—»

2. Hamburgers in Yokohama

3. Skype with our MTC tutor! 

4. Meeting the member at the Eki

5. President interviews and talking to Wada Shimai 

6. Matsuri in Yamato (festival)

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Week 24 Hodogaya Week 3

This week has been pretty great!

We went to Kichijoji again and I saw Law Shimai and Leach Choro, but I got to see Bybee Shimai too! Seeing everyone from the MTC is so wonderful! It's like seeing family.... Well okay really close but definitely not the same as family!

We went on splits so me and Handy were with Roth Shimai who is a sister I used to live within Yamato. She's super nice and we had areally fun day dendoing in the park! We took cute pictures on a Japanese bridge!
We had a busy day Friday! We went with an investigator to an old folks home and we sang them hymns! Then our investigator played them old Japanese songs on the mandalin and they were singing in Japanese at the top of their lungs! It was SO CUTE!

We also had a Meet the Mormons movie night that night where we and he surrounding areas brought our investigators to see it for the first time. They just barely this last week released Japanese subtitles with the movie so no one in Japan has seen it yet! It was so good and on the Utah missionary part......nasukashikatta!
Saturday was Don's baptism! He's been taking lessons from the elders in our area for about 4 months. He was confirmed a member yesterday and I'm so happy for him!

You might have noticed me on FB yesterday ;) yes we are getting FB in my mission so I will be on quite a bit.... like all the time :) I can't communicate with anyone on FB so please don't write me on there. The purpose of Facebook is to use it as a proselyting tool. Please don't send me Facebook messages and try to talk with me on Facebook. And still communicate to me through here on p day please!

Okay that is all! Love you all!

Sister Fordiani

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Week 23 My New Area Hodogaya Week 2

We had a huge surprise this week! We got a new companion! Her name is Sister Handy from Sandy Utah! She's the best! She's SO FUNNY! And being a San Nin is probably the best thing that's happened to me on my mission so far! It's so fun every day! This week we went to Kichijoji to get things for Sister Handy and I got to see Law Shimai! Of course I started bawling because it's been since April since I saw her! That's so long! She gave me the biggest hug! And then I saw Elder Leach! It was the best day ever! We're going back to Kichijoji tomorrow so I might get to see Bybee Shimai! Ah! I'm really excited! This week the Elders in our area have a baptism and we are playing Meet the Mormons movie at our church to invite investigators to! Tons of fun stuff! So be ready to get blown away by photos this next week haha! This week we had a pretty slow week but we had a district blitz which was really fun! I hope you all got slurpies on 7/11 because slurpies don't exist in Japan even though there are 7-Elevens every half mile here. :) love you all! And back in Yamato Emiko San has a baptismal date for August 1! Pray for her to be able to be baptized that day! It's a miracle! Guys this work is amazing and the Lord has his hand over Japan :) Alma 26:37 "Now my brethren, we see that God is mindful of every people, whatsoever land they may be in; yea, he numbereth his people, and his bowels of mercy are over all the earth. Now this is my joy, and my great thanksgiving; yea, and I will give thanks unto my God forever. Amen."

Sister Fordiani (ăƒ•ă‚©ăƒ«ăƒ‡ă‚€ă‚ąăƒ‹ć§‰ćŠč)

1. Me and Nozomi Chan 
 2. At the temple with Gappmeyer Shimai and her family
3. Me and Law Shimai in Kichijoji
4. Our new San Nin! 

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Week 22 My New Area Hodogaya!

Hi everyone! 

So I'm in my new area with Sister Brox and it's super great! She is transfer 12 so she is leaving right after this transfer back home. I'm always with older missionaries! Their going home talk always makes me homesick, but what do you do? I'll probably talk tons about home when I'm that age! Missionary obaachan ;) 
My new area is hilly and still very rural. I'm just next door to Yamato. Ten minutes on the train. Oh and my mail was a day late because we went to the temple today! There's a picture below :) 
We don't really have any progressing investigators here so we're working on that. We did go to a Luau in Shonandai on Friday with our investigator Sakura chan :) she loved it! We danced the Macarena and hula, ate Hawaiian food, and talked a lot! I'm getting better at understanding Japanese so I can talk to people! Today I talked to a lady on the train ride home from the temple! She is a mom and she loves to shop and she loves New York! Her friend teaches English at the university in Tokyo! She was so cool! People are so cool! Talk to everyone everywhere you go! People love to chat!
We met the parents of Sister Gappmeyer who lives in Mapleton. She's going home so her parents are in Tokyo right now. They were telling me all about the Payson temple and I was dying! I want to go sooooooooo bad! For all of you who live in Utah really close to a temple, make going a priority! It will bless your life so much! Today when I went, peace just washed over me when I walked through the doors. It was incredible and it just grew as I went through a session. The only peace we find in life is through the gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that I'm in Hodogaya to help all these wonderful Japanese people and I have already seen so many miracles here! The lord has his hand over Japan! 💕

Sister Fordiani (ăƒ•ă‚©ăƒ«ăƒ‡ă‚€ă‚ąăƒ‹ć§‰ćŠč)

Before I transferred we, my old Yamato district, went to Yakiniku! (Probs butchered the spelling) it's all you can eat meat! So delicious!

My new companion and Remi at a relief society activity! We made cake cups.
 Us and Sakura chan at the luau
 Us at the temple!