Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Week 22 My New Area Hodogaya!

Hi everyone! 

So I'm in my new area with Sister Brox and it's super great! She is transfer 12 so she is leaving right after this transfer back home. I'm always with older missionaries! Their going home talk always makes me homesick, but what do you do? I'll probably talk tons about home when I'm that age! Missionary obaachan ;) 
My new area is hilly and still very rural. I'm just next door to Yamato. Ten minutes on the train. Oh and my mail was a day late because we went to the temple today! There's a picture below :) 
We don't really have any progressing investigators here so we're working on that. We did go to a Luau in Shonandai on Friday with our investigator Sakura chan :) she loved it! We danced the Macarena and hula, ate Hawaiian food, and talked a lot! I'm getting better at understanding Japanese so I can talk to people! Today I talked to a lady on the train ride home from the temple! She is a mom and she loves to shop and she loves New York! Her friend teaches English at the university in Tokyo! She was so cool! People are so cool! Talk to everyone everywhere you go! People love to chat!
We met the parents of Sister Gappmeyer who lives in Mapleton. She's going home so her parents are in Tokyo right now. They were telling me all about the Payson temple and I was dying! I want to go sooooooooo bad! For all of you who live in Utah really close to a temple, make going a priority! It will bless your life so much! Today when I went, peace just washed over me when I walked through the doors. It was incredible and it just grew as I went through a session. The only peace we find in life is through the gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that I'm in Hodogaya to help all these wonderful Japanese people and I have already seen so many miracles here! The lord has his hand over Japan! 💕

Sister Fordiani (フォルデイアニ姉妹)

Before I transferred we, my old Yamato district, went to Yakiniku! (Probs butchered the spelling) it's all you can eat meat! So delicious!

My new companion and Remi at a relief society activity! We made cake cups.
 Us and Sakura chan at the luau
 Us at the temple!

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