Sunday, July 19, 2015

Week 24 Hodogaya Week 3

This week has been pretty great!

We went to Kichijoji again and I saw Law Shimai and Leach Choro, but I got to see Bybee Shimai too! Seeing everyone from the MTC is so wonderful! It's like seeing family.... Well okay really close but definitely not the same as family!

We went on splits so me and Handy were with Roth Shimai who is a sister I used to live within Yamato. She's super nice and we had areally fun day dendoing in the park! We took cute pictures on a Japanese bridge!
We had a busy day Friday! We went with an investigator to an old folks home and we sang them hymns! Then our investigator played them old Japanese songs on the mandalin and they were singing in Japanese at the top of their lungs! It was SO CUTE!

We also had a Meet the Mormons movie night that night where we and he surrounding areas brought our investigators to see it for the first time. They just barely this last week released Japanese subtitles with the movie so no one in Japan has seen it yet! It was so good and on the Utah missionary part......nasukashikatta!
Saturday was Don's baptism! He's been taking lessons from the elders in our area for about 4 months. He was confirmed a member yesterday and I'm so happy for him!

You might have noticed me on FB yesterday ;) yes we are getting FB in my mission so I will be on quite a bit.... like all the time :) I can't communicate with anyone on FB so please don't write me on there. The purpose of Facebook is to use it as a proselyting tool. Please don't send me Facebook messages and try to talk with me on Facebook. And still communicate to me through here on p day please!

Okay that is all! Love you all!

Sister Fordiani

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