Sunday, June 5, 2016

Week 70 The Month of May hahahahaha...... I'm so sorry.

I hope THIS email warms the cockles of your heart because it actually
has heart warming content haha 😘

I'm so sorry for missing the last two weeks! Literally when I miss
email time it makes me feel sick to my stomach! So this one will make
up for it!
We have been working really hard to find new investigators, we've been
talking to everyone on the street, praying, fasting, and working more
with the members, and this week we saw some crazy great miracles!

Monday (16th)- Sunday:
We took a trip to Costco! We bought some more food that I can consume
haha. I was literally eating salmon and salad for like every meal. I
daisuki salmon, but for every meal it is kinda hard to eat the same
thing...γ§γ‚‚ε€§δΈˆε€«。So we got corn chips, salsa, avocado, and edamame and I
am in heaven! Also when we were saying our night prayers we had an
earthquake! It was only a 5 BUT it still shook us pretty good for like
10 seconds haha! Everyone says Tokyo is the next place to get hit with
a huge earthquake! I don't know how I feel about that...

I danced! We went to hula with the relief society sisters. It's been
so long and I miss dancing soooooooo much! I also went on splits with
my favorite Obayashi Shimai in Hachioji! It was so fun! We found
pretty flowers. I said, "Wow those are so pretty they look like
hearts!" And Obayashi Shimai said, "Those flowers are flipping me
off!" Hahaha what!? I'll attach the picture below. We were laughing so

We were doing a district kubari kai and right after we set goals, had
prayed together, and started, I walked straight up to a woman walking
towards the Eki and asked if she could speak English. She stopped
right there and said she wanted to learn English! We had set goals to
get two people's phone numbers and ask 5 people to come to church, and
she ended up giving me her phone number and setting an appointment to
meet with us next Tuesday! Gah! I was beaming and was soooooo happy!
Her name is Hasegawa San. Just like like my investigator in my last
area! And get this, she is a dancer! Yes! We will get along so well!
Setting goals and talking to everyone is so important!

We had a super Zone Meeting in Sagamihara with all the missionaries
from the Machida East zone. Me and Elder Johnson gave a training on
Iron Rod Planning, there was music, revelation, lots of spirit
feeling, and it was so good! We have super stellar missionaries in our
mission! Later that night we visited the Kyomen family and shared a
small message. We are learning where the members live, their names,
and more about how we can help them with their missionary work so that
they can feel more comfortable introducing their friends to the
gospel. Today was also Claudia's birthday so I called her on the phone
and told her I loved her! She is the best! Ah! I miss my old
investigators! I'm going to visit Shonan next month when the Gaitau's
baby arrives!

We made orange chicken with Nishi Shimai before ping pong. Tasted like
Panda Express. It was awesome! And I could eat it because we made it
from scratch. I got the recipe don't worry!

Monday (23rd)- Sunday:
I took the two hour nap during the day which made us late for all of
our other things we had planned... So I didn't have time to
email...but the nap was awesome! Also had FHE with a member family! We
ate taco rice! It was yummy!

Recently we have just been hurting because we want so badly to find a
new investigator to love and teach the gospel to! I felt prompted to
focus on reading more of the Book of Mormon during study and during
free time. This last week I read the book of Mosiah and a little bit
of Alma. During my studies one thing kept popping out to me day after
day and it was fasting and prayer. The Nephites prayed and fasted so
much! There are a bajillion examples! So that's exactly what we did on
Tuesday. We had a 24 hour fast for the people of Tama. And the
blessings were tons! We had a killer first lesson with Hasegawa San.
We found out she has been battling cancer and we talked about saviors
in our lives and introduced God and Jesus Christ. Then we felt
prompted to call an old investigator (Kiyomi San) on the phone and ask
if she wants to meet again, and she said yes! Then one of our mission
couples, the Slades from my bean area, came to our apartment to check
it for safety, and that was a miracle for me because I love them so
much. They got me though the beginning of my mission. God is good and
God answers prayers and fasts.

On Thursday we had a zone conference with President and Sister Wada.
It was our last one together because they are leaving the end of June!
It was really spiritual. We read in Ether together and wow. I took
good notes and so ill teach you what I learned when I come home. The
Book of Mormon is the word of God folks. It's incredible.

We got transfer emails! I'm staying with Sister Zylks in Tama and I'll
probably be here for my last two transfers. I also became a sister
training leader which is a lot of responsibility, but I'm grateful the
Lord trusts me. Especially because I'm over Hachioji area which has my
bestie Obayashi Shimai and two new missionaries haha. Pray for her.

Sunday was Zylks' birthday! We sang in sacrament meeting which was
terrifying especially because Zylks Shimai is almost as good as an
opera singer and I sound like a parakeet. But people felt the spirit
anyways! Wahoo! We brought our friend Ami from Eikaiwa to a YSA
activity. We taught them the Oreo game, the gargle a tune game, and
the game where you stick a ball in women's stockings and knock over
pins hahahha! I've never laughed so hard in my life!

Monday (30th)- Sunday:
This week we did more hula! I took a movie! Next week we might go to a
rest home for old people and perform! Yay! The sisters in our ward are
obsessed with Hawaii! It's so cute. They all do hula together on
Tuesdays and two of them just purchased ukuleles. I fiddled around on
the ukulele a little bit as well and I regret not learning more when I
was home because I totally wanted to learn! Oh well. We're also
planning to make a music video as a ward haha! They want to plan it
and film it before I go home! Haha this ward is soooooo great! I'm
going to take hula classes when I come home! My best friend Carter
plays the ukulele so we'll be an awesome team! 😊

This week we also did a lot of finding and fasting for lessons. It
helped us see more miracles because we were expecting more miracles!
If you have a righteous desire and faith the Lord helps you with it! I
love being here and I love being busy! We are slowly seeing more and
more success here in Tama and I can't wait to see what the Lord has
planned for this area!

Sister Fordiani

 These are the flowers that flip you off.
  I made this on my missionary planner 😍

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