Monday, June 20, 2016


I wanna take this moment to just thank my dad for everything he's done
for me. The main thing I'm thankful for is his diligence in teaching
me the gospel and for all the time he spent with me even though he was
probably dead tired from working and trying to provide for the family.
He's just hilarious people. I really miss touching his bald head and
receiving blessings (like Buddha's belly) just kidding haha. Some of
my favorite memories of him are when we were kids he'd pretend to be a
big bad giant and make us cry and scream when we were taking a bath,
playing catch with a football in the front yard, trips to see family,
him making us pasta (his best cooked meal), and all of the over used
bald jokes haha. I have the best dad. I love you!

This week was stellar because we had the Hawaiian Party! We planned
the whole event with the ward and it was so effectively planned! It
was fun! Our investigator came and 6 other potential investigators
came as well. The last two weeks I've been learning how to hula and
play the ukulele so I can help teach for our workshop. It was a crunch
but man our district has the most awesome missionaries right now so it
all worked out!

This week I looked on my companion's iPad and realized that she has a
ton of pictures of this transfer that I don't have so I got them from
her! So today there will be lots of pictures 😊

We are also going to the temple today which is such a blessing. I
figured out that we actually go to the temple more frequently than
most missions. I think Heavenly Father knew I needed the temple's
influence and blessings as I undertook my mission, so he sent me
somewhere I could attend frequently. God is good.

This week we had a training about our purpose from the newest
missionary in our group who's only been here for a couple months.
During his training he turned to me, because I was sitting next to
him, and explained how when we look at each other at spirit sisters
and brothers then you have so much love for everyone. I then took that
moment to look around at our little Tama group and I just felt so much
love for them. We really are sons and daughters of God. I feel so
blessed to be able to bring people closer and closer to the knowledge
that there is a God who is our Heavenly Father; who loves us and helps
us through this life. When you know that, like really know that
through prayer, your whole life changes!

I hope everyone has a great week!

Pictures: We made a cake for a girl's birthday, found a frog and saved
it's life from a car, Roxana's baptism, lesson with Yayoi Koyata San,
the temple last transfer and this transfer, my panda socks 🐼, riding
bikes, kids Eikaiwa, our awesome district, girl with a squirrel shirt,
zone meetings and blitz, Hawaiian Party, and MLC and STL training
meetings! So many pictures!

Sister Fordiani

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