Monday, June 13, 2016

Week 71 HaNaBi

This week has been entirely insane! Sooooo busy and sooooo good!

On Sunday I saw my beautiful grandma! She was visiting her cousins and
friends in Japan and I received permission to see her. It was such a
tender mercy for both of us. I cried. I love her so much.

We had splits! Me and Obayashi Shimai again! We were on the train and
I turned to the lady sitting next to me and asked, "How are you?" And
she opened up and told me her baby had passed away and she was coming
home from his funeral. She recognized we were missionaries and asked
what we believed about life after death. We taught her about eternal
families and resurrection right there on the train. Then we both got
off at the same station! She said she wants to see us again and we
exchanged numbers! It was a huge miracle!

That same night we visited two members who we haven't seen at church
for the last two week and wrote them letters which we left in their
post boxes. Yesterday they were both at church again which was a huge
miracle. We are striving to keep our members who we have coming to
church at church! It's so important that we go to church every week so
that we can have the sacrament. When we understand the importance of
the sacrament we never wanna miss again!

We kept getting the impression that we need to call a woman named
Youko who had been an investigator in the past. The night we planned
to call her, she called us right as we were about to call and told us
she was in the hospital again. She was really far away in Takao so we
asked if the Takao sisters could visit her and she said yes. We had an
awesome discussion on the phone and read lots of scriptures together
to find comfort. She thanked us a ton and said she felt a lot better
now that we're talking.

This week I felt like I wasn't even in my area that much at all. We
had mission leadership conference, SPM where we talk about missionary
work with the stake president, sister training leader training
meeting, final interviews with President Wada, and like yeah, I've
been really busy and really tired! But man I love it all! I'm eating
it up!

The last huge miracle..... Ready??? :)

Remember Roxana from my last area in Shonan? We taught and baptized
her son Seiji in April! Guess who got baptized on Saturday!!!


I couldn't make it to her baptism because I am too far away, but we
skyped right before and I told her how much I love her! She said she
is so happy now that she is a member that she can work towards going
to the temple and being sealed to her family who are all members
already. Her and Seiji sealed together forever! God is so good. I love
them so much.

That's all this week!
Sister Fordiani

My grandma❤️
President Wada and Sister Wada!
Streeting in Kichijoji!
Baby carriages!

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