Monday, May 23, 2016

QWeek 68 I hope this email warms the cockles of your heart...❤️

I learned the word cockles this week!
We really spent our time unwisely this p-day and now we have no time!
But I took a nap and slept for 2 extra hours today! It was awesome!
Found a new investigator who reminds me of Michael Jackson and dances
hip hop like a boss!

We're going to start teaching Nobu Kun who is 8 and he'll get baptized
in 3 weeks! Yay! Miracles! He belongs to a part member family and the
bishop asked us to teach him! I'm so happy!
I love that I get to teach little boys who can potentially grow up to
serve missions and become awesome missionaries! The sweetest blessing!

Love you all!
Sister Fordiani

Also we went to hula dancing class this week with an investigator! It rocked!
Japanese house
Us and Nishi shimai
Tama area on the 11th floor of an apartment building!

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