Monday, May 2, 2016

Week 65 Tama!

This week was good! We got in contact with more people and yesterday
we had a girl named Misaki Satou come to church all by herself
yesterday. She said she would love to learn more about church! Our
ward mission leader is really awesome and taught a way cool lesson
yesterday about Christ's church in the ancient times and then bore his
testimony that the same church is restored today! It was awesome. All
of the YSA were super excited to see a new face at church!
I've now met our RC and less active people phew! Meeting and getting
to know everyone can be so stressful sometimes! And yesterday we had a
lesson with Akiko where we discussed baptism. She is our closest
investigator to baptism. She wants to be baptized with her little
brother who turns 8 next month in June. Her concern is that we won't
be able to find a day where she has time to be baptized... but I think
it might be a bit deeper of a concern than that. She is very
knowledgeable about all of the gospel concepts, she has had powerful
experiences in the past where she has felt the spirit and recognized
that the spirit is what she was feeling (which is huge!), her father
and mother support her, but she still seems super concerned.
Today we climbed Mt. Takao! It was really beautiful! We went with
members from surrounding area's wards. Most of my pictures are on my
camera... But I have some pictures of my area and the trip too!
I can't wait to call my beautiful mom and family next week for
Mother's Day! Last call before I come home...

Love Sister Fordiani

The movie is an exercise you do to get rid of rice cheeks!!!

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