Monday, April 25, 2016

Week 64 Pictures! New Area--Tama

The first couple are from my new area Tama. And the last are goodbye
pictures and movies 😭

This picture was posted by one of Anna's investigators on Facebook.

Silvia Peredo de Nishime "Thank you sis for his work in shonan ward"
Elia Gaitau We hope you get to meet our little one before you finish! Sister-Anna Fordiani smile emoticon
Thank you for serving here for 6 months! 
Ali Assadi thank you our dear sister ,we dont forget you. today we miss you .thank you for all things .our nice teacher and good sister.

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  1. Anna, what great pics!!!! Love to see all about your mission experiences! Keep up the great work! Sending prayers and thoughts your way. :) - Margie Ullery