Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Week 61 April! Whaz up?

Hi everyone๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

Gomen! Sorry I'm a day late! Temple p-day! So I'm typing this in the train right now trying to balance haha! Forgive me if there are typos because that's probably the moments when the train jerks and I almost fall onto the poor little old lady sitting in front of me...

This week was AWESOME! Seiji Kun got baptized yeah! Oh my, it was a beautiful, beautiful baptism. So spiritual, at first incredibly hectic, but soooooooo.....man there are not words to describe how much happiness and how powerful the spirit was.

Here's Seiji's story. So on my birthday last year his mom and him came to church. They had been to other churches before and his mom was baptized into another church. They thought church was fun and they wanted to go again (Roxana, his mom, said when they came to church that first day, that she was bringing Seiji to church to learn about Jesus so that he will stop misbehaving haha) So Wallace Shimai and I started to work with his mom because we are sister missionaries so we can't work with boys. And Seiji is only 9 years old! How cute right? So they came to church every week and we built a super strong relationship with his mom. I LOVE HER. And thought that relationship we discovered how strong her testimony is on baptism. She is kinda stubborn so she won't be baptized again... yet. But she told us that she wants all three of her boys to be baptized. Seiji Kun is the youngest and we gave him a kids Book of Mormon with the pictures. And he read the whole book in like 3 weeks! He said his favorite story is Abinadai. One night he told his mom that he knew that our church was the right church and he never wants to go to a different church again. So one night on the train I asked her if we could teach and baptize Seiji Kun and we took off from there! We taught him all the lessons and this last week we practiced his testimony at the pulpit and his interview. His desire to follow Jesus Christ is through the roof! He tells me every day church is his favorite place. After his baptism his mom called their family who is living in Bolivia and told them Seiji was baptized. I wasn't there but she said the grandpa was so happy! Their extended family are all members of the church ๐Ÿ˜Š at Seiji's baptism his best friend at church sang the Baptism Song and the spirit
was so crazy thick. Then Seiji gave his testimony we prepared and was literally shaking at the microphone so I came and stood next to him at the mic and he was able to give his talk. His testimony is the strongest about Joseph Smith. He said he knew the church was true when he decided that he was going to be exactly like Joseph Smith.

Two of our investigators came to the baptism, Jhoselin and a new investigator Margarita. They both asked after the baptism if they could serve missions haha and Roxana told me that she wants to get baptized before I go home to America. Good thing I go home soon because that means she is getting baptized in the next 4 months!
Yaaaaaaaayyyyyy! ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ’•

Soooooo many blessings! Sooooooo many miracles! Other awesome things that happened this week: Helped our English student Ali paint his house for like 4 hours! So much fun! I love service! The ward made me all kinds of special bread and pasta from rice so that I have more of a variety of food to eat ❤️ it's been a bit tricky with my gluten and lactose allergies (plus trying to read the kanji on the back of packages...) Became a traveling agent for a couple hours and called the US embassy in Tokyo for a member haha Had dinner with the Gaitau family!
Went to Spanish branch in Fujisawa with Gian and his wife on Sunday and they loved it! Gian Carlos has a baptismal date for May 7th the same day as Hasegawa San! So please pray for them! Today we're going to American Eagle in Yokohama! Yeah!

Love you all! Only a little bit left of my mission so working inspired and working hard!
Sister Fordiani

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