Sunday, March 27, 2016

Week 60 Happy Easter!

We have just been blessed beyond measure!

Yesterday was the most amazing day of my mission so far! First off, it was beautiful! The Sakura (cherry blossoms) are beginning to come out! I am in a beautiful area to see the sakura in full bloom next month! Yay! Then we had an incredible DCS where we planned Seiji kun's baptism for this Saturday! The ward is helping out so much! They're incredible! Seiji Kun is getting baptized!!! Then as we waited for our investigators to come to church, first Seiji Kun and Roxana his mom came, then Hasegawa San and her son Ryouma came, and then Jhoselin and her three little baby girls came!! I was blown away! It was Hasegawa and Jhoselin's first time at church and they ate it up! They LOVED IT! So much thanks to God in my heart. It gets even better! We met with Hasegawa San after church back in Chigasaki where she lives and had an incredible lesson! We invited her to be baptized on May 7th and she accepted the invitation to follow Christ on Easter. How beautiful is that? I'll remember that forever. So incredible.

Sorry this is a shorite. But here are some other incredible things that happened this week:
I let Claudia cut my hair so it's short now! Haha!
I got a beautiful Easter package from my family!
We ate dinner at the Nishime Family's house!
We had a zone blitz in Odawara.
I received my death letter and filled out my flight information... 😷
We found a lady on the street who asked us to teach her English even before we mentioned that we teach free English! We can definitely do that for you! Haha! Awesome.
We watched meet the Mormons with Claudia and she cried! Good tears people! She loved it!
And my sister got her mission call to Belgium, Netherlands speaking Dutch!!! I'm so proud of her! Olivia you're amazing!

Love you all!
Sister Fordiani

The blitz-we were late we missed the photo but look at all these amazing people!
Odawara castle
Mission call!
Me and claudia's girls
Package and hair cut!
Dinner at Nishime's
Silly members! Gaitau family hahahaha!

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