Monday, March 7, 2016

Week 57 Rainy Chinatown Day

Hi everyone!

We had some really fun events! Yay!

The last two Saturday's we had some fun parties! We had FHE at our
church and Claudia Gushi and her husband came with their girls and
Roxana came with her son Seiji too! We played games and learned about
the sacrament and the importance of coming to church. Then this last
Saturday we had a Fiesta at the Shonandai church! So many people came
and the Gushi's and Roxana and Seiji came too! The members were
soooooo helpful for both of these events! They made time to come to
both of the parties which made the events even more fun and helped our
investigators see the super positive influence of the church!

On the way home I asked Roxana if we could teach her son Seiji because
he told me that he wanted to be baptized and he knows our church is
true! It was a really weird and random time to ask her because we were
standing on the train, but I was prompted to ask her right then and so
I did and she said yes! So now we are going to meet with and baptize
Seiji Kun who I adore! He's nine years old and just so, so, so cute!

Also, it's March..... where is the time going!?

Today we are going with Brother Ozawa, our recent convert, to Yokohama
and China Town to eat at a famous Chinese restaurant! I'm soooooo
excited! Oh and we got transfer calls! I'm staying in Shonan for my
fourth transfer with my same companion. But we were shocked to find
out that one set of our elders were closed!!! So now there will only
be two elders and two sisters in our area... Bring on the dating jokes
haha! We get so many dating jokes from the other missionaries! It's
hilarious. 😂 An elder I was with at the MTC is coming here! Elder
Konno! He's such a doll. He's this tiny little Japanese boy and he
legit looks like a doll. (I'll get a picture of him) I'm excited for
the new transfer. But I'm way sad to see elders Palomino and Brummett
leave. We've all been together for like 3-4ish months now! So sad.

Okay last thing! I felt like I should write some letters to people
from my last area! Nakano Shimai from Hodogaya got my letter, got my
new phone number from the missionaries in Hodogaya, gave me a call,
and then came and visited me in Chigasaki like 3 days later! I was so
happy to see her haha! She's so funny! And she brought me flowers! I
haven't been given flowers in ages haha! I love her!

I had some way yabai moments this week too.... They aren't appropriate
to share right now unfortunately because it's pretty kimochi warui,
but ask me about my first week of March when I come home and I'll be
happy to share haha!

Love Fordiani Shimai!
Our zone--Fujisawa
Nakano Shimai
Our district--Shonan
Claudia's Family
Everyone at the fiesta!
Seiji Kun!

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