Sunday, March 20, 2016

Week 59 Shortie!

Haha this one will be a shortie! Gomen!

This week has been really good! We have started to teach another family! They also speak Spanish (of course) and their names are Gian Carlos, Deyanira, and they have two little girls! Every time we go over I play dolls with their daughters and we play catch too! Don't worry! I help teach! But it helps keep the girls quiet! Haha I love kids!

We also had a way sick tennis activity! I haven't played tennis in YEARS. And man I have no skill! We had an Eikaiwa student names Rie Sagawa come with her son who is Daniel's Japanese twin. (Danny, her son has the exact same birthday as you and you're the same age!) and another family came with their two daughters! They loved the activity! Yay! And I'm still sore from playing! Haha... outta shape shimai senkyoushi probs...

I gave a talk in church yesterday which went really well! I talked about family responsibilities! And I did it in Japanese! Haha gotta practice for all you peeps who will wanna hear some language skills when I get home... I'm really not that good at Japanese! I try my best though!

We found some water colors in our apartment and so I started to paint again! I used to paint in high school so I'm a bit rusty. Check it out!

Ummmmmm.... Today we are going to Odawara and we are having lunch with a member! Yay! Haha I'm sorry I can't think of anymore things! Please pray for Claudia and her daughters Akemi and Gaby! They are sick with influenza and stomach problems! They could use a prayer or 7!

I love you all!
Sister Fordiani

Paintings I've done in the last two days and Mt. Fuji!

Anna sending us a video message. :)

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