Sunday, May 15, 2016

Week 67 Hello!

Hi everyone!

This week has been good!
Yesterday we were invited to a Philippine birthday party! It was
awesome and everyone was speaking Tagalog and English! All the food
was so tasty! Our hosts were members of the church in the Philippines
but their daughter is not a member. She is really sweet! She has two
little boys and a teenage daughter who just passed away last year.
It's been really hard for her, but she is getting a lot better lately.
We met a lot of their friends and talked to them about missionary
work. They thought we were like nuns and when we finish our mission we
go to another country and serve another year and 1/2 until we become
old! Haha! It's so funny how often we get that here actually! So our
host kindly explained to me all of the ingredients of all of the
dishes she had made, but she got a bit mixed up on the ingredients in
some of the little rolls. She said they were made from rice flour, but
then came back later and said they are made of actual flour. Oh shoot.
So since then I have felt pretty crappy. But don't worry! Sicknesses
don't last forever!

We made a new goal as a companionship to give out English flyers for
one hour everyday from 12-1. We found a new investigator and taught a
man the entire restoration lesson and have seen so many miracles!
Right now we don't have any investigators because they all dropped us.
So we are working on finding new people! We have Yayoi San who studies
English with us and we found Miki San this week too! We met them both
during kubari kai (the time we pass out English flyers) this week!

We also went to the Tokyo temple this last Tuesday! It was awesome! (I
think I mentioned that in my lady email but it was so good it can go
another week right?) The power from the temple is the best. It just
fires you up for the rest of the week! We are working on using all of
the means we can muster to find the prepared people in Tama! We are
talking to everyone haha! For example, I was literally dying one
afternoon because I was so tired, so we stopped by this little shop to
get DP out of a vending machine outside. In the window the shop owner
had two cats haha. Zylks loves cats so she was freaking out and then a
lady walked by and of course we talk to everyone, so I pulled out my
neko chan dendo (using cats to do missionary work because everyone is
obsessed with cats in Japan) and we were like, "Do you like cats?" She
was a fushigi lady herself so she stayed and talked to us while we all
drank DP together. It was one of the more finer moments in life.

Love you all! Have a good week!
Sister Fordiani

Kubari kai and teaching lessons!
Looks like Las Vegas right?
Track meet!
Heart attack!

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