Monday, June 1, 2015

Week 17 Stolen Wallet

Hi family and friends!

This week I forgot my notes to say what happened haha it all blends
together here... But my biggest worry was I lost my wallet! Super hard
and it was right after I was reading in the Book of Mormon about how
Aaron and Ammon went through really hard trials but they obtained a
lot of blessings from the lord for their hard work on their missions
(alma 20ish-27ish about) so I thought to myself, "I'll be willing to
go through hard things to see the success they saw in their missions
in my area!" Literally right after I finished study I noticed it was
gone.... Haha I don't think I handled the challenge with as much grace
as Aaron and Ammon did. I cried all day I was so stressed. But through
prayers I know that God comforted me. And if I have faith that it can
be found God will help me find it :) haha we went on the U.S. Base and
other fun things this week too but I'm out of time! Pictures! Love you

Love Sister Fordiani

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