Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Mom Post--Miracles!!!

We usually get emails from Anna on Sunday nights because Monday is her PDay and she's 15 hours ahead. A little over a week ago, I received an email on a Saturday that said, "Emergency."

Anna: My wallet was stolen please cancel my debit card. I love you mom.

Me: I just cancelled your card. The new card will me mailed to me and I will send it in a package to you. Your PIN number will be the same. Sorry that happened. No money was taken out. :) I love you!!!!!! Was anything else in your wallet I need to help you replace or call about?

Anna: Thank you so much mommy :) My drivers license and my social security
card were the other two important things. There was around 100 dollars
cash too but that was from the money I needed for groceries and things
tomorrow. Ah I'm so stressed about it. Thank you! I love you!

Me: How did it get stolen? How are you going to get food tomorrow? Can we send you money somehow?

Anna: I looked in my bag this morning and I realized it was gone. I haven't
really used it since Tuesday when I went to the temple. I always keep
it in my bag so I don't know when it could have been taken. I have
enough food to last me the next week and I have emergency money on me
too :) thank you mommy

We've been praying for her and her wallet. She is meticulous with her belongings and never loses anything so I kind of knew her wallet was stolen and not just misplaced. I didn't want to say that because I didn't want it to be true! 

Two days later.

This week I forgot my notes to say what happened haha it all blends
together here... But my biggest worry was I lost my wallet! Super hard
and it was right after I was reading in the Book of Mormon about how
Aaron and Ammon went through really hard trials but they obtained a
lot of blessings from the lord for their hard work on their missions
(alma 20ish-27ish about) so I thought to myself, "I'll be willing to
go through hard things to see the success they saw in their missions
in my area!" Literally right after I finished study I noticed it was
gone.... Haha I don't think I handled the challenge with as much grace
as Aaron and Ammon did. I cried all day I was so stressed. But through
prayers I know that God comforted me. And if I have faith that it can
be found God will help me find it :) 

Sunday, June 7th

He loves us so much that he gives us trials to become better and better people. Our purpose is to become more like him so when he gives us the opportunity to grow through trials, rely on him and he'll show you the way through while he strengthens you and lifts you. I still have faith that my wallet will turn up somehow; however, I am beyond grateful for the load of blessings I have received this week as I have worked through my trial of losing my wallet by relying on the Lord. And I'll gladly lose my wallet again because this week was awesome! 

Same day...
No luck with my wallet. It was definitely stolen... So I'm okay with
all of the lost items except that my social security card was in
there... Is there a way to report that to the government? People could
ruin my life with that information. I remember learning about it in my
financial class in high school :(

The next day on Monday I started calling governmental agencies and because Anna's 19, I can't do anything to help. She has to do all the calling and filling out forms. Since I was stuck, I called the missionary department and they suggested I call Japan Tokyo South's mission home and talk to the secretary. He said usually they discourage parents from calling, but in this instance, I should. 

I spoke with the  secretary and her husband and here's the email I received back from her:

Dear Sister Erica Fordiani – Thanks for your phone call this morning.  It would be perfectly fine for Sister Fordiani to come into the office and use our computer to go through this process [reporting her social security card lost/stolen]. She can come in on Pday and should call the office to set up a time with me.

However, there’s another option that might be more convenient for her.  Elder and Sister Slade are the senior couple serving in Yamato area. I’ve spoken with Sister Slade and they’re very willing to have Sister Fordiani use their computer in their apartment --  they’ll even pick her up at the train station!

You mentioned forms you wanted to fax to us. We do have a fax number, we suggest you might want to scan and email the forms instead. You can email them to me or to Elder Slade depending on where Sister Fordiani goes to use the computer.

Regarding the prescription, Sister Fordiani should talk to Sister Wada, she handles all the medical needs of the missionaries. I’ll encourage Sister Fordiani to follow up on that.

A new mission debit card has been ordered and is on its way -- we’ll get that to her as soon as possible.  

Please let me know if there’s anything else we can do to help.

Sister Adamson
Tokyo South Mission Secretary

Yesterday, Tuesday, I was at my routine eye exam with Dr. Haggard (contacts) and Dr. Lloyd (opthamologist). Dr. Lloyd was looking in my dilated eyes while I was telling him the story of Anna's lost wallet. I was saying how she would be able to go to the senior missionaries home and use their phone and computer. He already knew that Anna was in Japan Tokyo South. He said to me, "This is a long shot, but we have a senior missionary couple serving from our ward in the same mission." I then asked what the name of the couple was and before he even spoke, I knew he was going to say, "The Slade's." I backed up from the eye machine and said, "Shut up!" Dr. Lloyd was really excited about it actually being the same couple and told me that Bro. Slade is an ex millitary guy and will know exactly what to do and Sis. Slade will just scoop Anna up under her wing and love her to pieces!

Well, early this morning at 1:35ish, I'm sound asleep and my cell phone starts vibrating with a call. I normally power off my cell phone at night, but I didn't (miracle!). I'm all groggy and can't figure out who would be calling me, so I pushed the power button to end the call and went back to sleep. Literally one minute later, the phone starts vibrating again with a call from the same number. I still have no idea it's Anna, but I figured someone needs to talk to me so I answered.

I said, "Hello?" and heard Anna say, "Hi Mommy!" That was the BEST moment EVER!!! She was at the Slade's house using their phone and she needed my debit card number so she could pay for the freezes she would be placing on the three credit bureau agencies. (Vince was awake and Anna was on speaker phone). Her replacement card is on its way to her so she has no way of paying. I told her the story of Dr. Lloyd and when she told it to the Slade's, they enthusiastically said that he was their bishop! I told her everything she needed to do to try to protect her social security number--which website to go to and the numbers to call. Then we said goodbye. Speaking to her was incredibly reassuring and just wonderful! 

As I lay back down to fall asleep (which didn't happen until around 5am), I thought about the tender mercies of the Lord. Anna had an amazing week, she credits to losing her wallet, and she would gladly lose her wallet again because of the wonderful experiences she's had. She now has had time with the Slade's, whom I feel like I know because of my talk with Dr. Lloyd. I can only imagine how comforting being with the Slade's is for Anna. I'm sure they are treating her like their granddaughter--giving her lost of love and hugs AND speaking in English! That's just what Anna needs right now! Possibly losing her wallet brought her to the Slade's, which is exactly where the Lord wants Anna because it's what He knows Anna needs. Amazing!

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