Sunday, May 3, 2015

Week 13 Milk!

Hi everyone!

So my thought for this week is blessings. God gives us so much help
with life. It's a wonder that we still think that life is hard. You
can see evidence of god's blessings everywhere! If you feel like it's
hard to see what God has done for you, as you lay in bed right before
you go to sleep count 10 blessings of that day--events or physical
objects-- and then you'll realize how much you actually have!

This last Thursday Wada Kaicho came to our area and gave us all
interviews. I sat down and he asked me how I was and I just started to
cry hahaha which has been like a daily thing here. There is lots of
things to get used to and change in life is a pain! But he was able to
calm my fears and help me see that I'm running faster than I have the
strength for. He told me to stop doing that. So if any of you feel
like just exhausted like take a day for yourself and make sure you're
not sprinting the marathon!

Okay this weeks story. So I'm lactose intolerant which is really hard
to get people to understand here because it's a really big word haha!
Well we're teaching this woman, Akemi San, who is like way spiritually
prepared for our message. But she has a bit of a mental disorder I
think because she's a bit off like personality wise and she screamed
at us for asking her age and called us bad names haha. Anyway, we get
done teaching and she brings us food. In Japan if people give you food
you have to eat all of it. And the treat she brought us was this huge
like HUGE cream filled puff thing. So me and my companion panic
because we don't want to offend her again. So my companion is like
take pills and just eat it! So I like down two pills for lactose and
that was the most condensed milk/cream I've eaten in my whole life on
that one puff I swear. It was like enough to fill a water bottle. We
prayed a lot that night that I wouldn't get sick. I should've been bed
ridden the next morning but it was a miracle, no symptoms! Gods
blessings yo!

Anyway I love you all and thank you for the support and prayers. I feel it!

Sister Fordiani

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