Sunday, May 10, 2015

Week 14 Mother's Day

Hi everyone!

Monday: crazy p day! We went to the big Buddha in kamakura! Kamakura
is so pretty! You can smell the sea breeze there and it's so green!
Yamato is more like Tokyo feel, more city and stuff! I was introduced
to my favorite food Monday too! It's called karage! It's just like a
big potato pocket but they are so delicious!

Tuesday: we visited the Akasaka family! We had sushi and I had real
Japanese sushi there for my first time. They were really excited about
that. They are my favorite family in our ward!

Wednesday: we had a cookie activity where we made American cookies
a.k.a. chocolate chip cookies! We had 7 P.I.s come and one previous
investigator and one less active! Yes! They loved the cookies!

Thursday: we went to a sewing class where the ladies made us little
dollies haha it was an activity that was trying to be a finding
activity but it didn't work out too much like that!

Friday: I made yakisoba for dinner! It's been ages since I ate it!

Saturday: we had a zone blitz in Yamato and it was crazy because there
was golden week festivals at the Eki and there were tons of crazy
people around! Two drunk men came up to me and it was really
frightening haha they were loud and I couldn't understand why until my
companion told me they were really drunk .....oh!

Sunday: we saw crazy miracles and found three new p.i.s and handed out
three book of Mormons! That doesn't happen ever!

I've been learning Spanish and Japanese sign language too! A lot of
the people we meet are from South America and there are a lot of deaf
members in my ward! Haha maybe I'll come home with three new languages
under my belt ;)

I'm so grateful for trials that help me become more and more like
Christ. As we go through hard things we sometimes can imagine how
Christ would've felt. I know this mission is going to help me relate
more to the savior and I'm so grateful for everything he's done for
me. I'm so happy I talked today with my family too! That was the #1
best thing of my whole life! I can't wait till Christmas for us to
talk again!

Thank you for the thoughts and prayers!

Love Sister Fordiani

 Here's our area Yamato!

Anna's talking to us in this picture.

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