Sunday, May 17, 2015

Week 15 Transfer Week 2

Hey everyone! This weeks starts transfer 2 for me!

Monday was so crazy after Skypeing my family for Mother's Day. We went shopping for food for the week and I was feeling all eh after Skypeing, so we went straight to the tempura part of the market and I bought karage my number one favorite food here and ate it for lunch! Then I was fine to dendo again all day haha :) 

Before I talk about transfer calls, I just want to say how amazing missionary work is. The number of miracles we see a day is insane! Like literally insane. This is the coolest thing I've ever done in my whole life!

The best miracle this week happened on Wednesday and Thursday night. So Wednesday we just happened to hear about a baptism in Kamakura happening Thursday night like last minute. Of course we, Gazdik Shimai and I, freaked out because it was close enough for us to bring someone to it! And we immediately wanted the Kikuchi family (Emiko San-the mom, Chinatsu san and Ayano san-are her two daughters) to go, no question! They are ready to get baptized but they had a spiritual impression that they have to get baptized on April 4th so their date to get baptized is in a year.... but it's a date! Anyway, they haven't been to Eikaiwa the whole transfer but this week they just happened to show up! Gazdik Shimai literally begged them to come. They said they wanted to, but their so busy, so they'll call us in the morning. We prayed all night about it, and in the morning when the call came Emiko San (the mom) said she could go! We got to teach Emiko San in her car on the way there and we haven't had a decent lesson with them all transfer either. She needed a lesson way bad! When we were heading to the baptism another miracle happened. Last minute her daughter Ayano San said she could go too. When the baptism took place Ayano San said she felt a zing in her heart, and Emiko San said that the testimony, given by the sister who was baptized, was so strong. Miracles! And then they came to church Sunday for all three hours and invited us over for dinner last night at their house. SO AWESOME! 

Okay transfer announcement!!

I'm staying in Yamato! BUT I have a new companion! Her name is Sister Funakura and she's Japanese! So she doesn't speak any English! I'm so lucky because everyone says she's the best and it's like super rare to get a Nihonjin companion! Especially since I'm still a bean chan! What?!

I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!

Love Sister Fordiani

Matsuda San our investigator :) 

Youth sports night! We played dodgeball in the chapel hahaha it was crazy! 

Yumi San our new investigator hahahaha she's crazy and soooooo funny! 
I might dye my hair red next week!
Okay bye :) 

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