Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Week 12 Tokyo Temple Day!

I had a crazy last week! We had splits first of all so I took a train
to Kamakura and served for a day there. We visited the cutest girl who
had two huge dogs! She lives in Ofuna. In Ofuna is the biggest statue
of a white lady that is really pretty but she glows at night and it is
really kinda creepy. In Yamato it's just city pretty much, but in
Kamakura I was blown away by how pretty it was. We stayed five minutes
away from two temples that were magnificent! Of course I couldn't go
visit them. But we can go on p-day some time! I'd like to go back to
Ofuna and Kamakura sometime!

We have been having lots of success finding people the lord would have
us teach. I know that cause we are really obedient and he trusts us.
We are so busy that the days go by really quick! I love study in the
morning especially personal study. It sets up the day to be a good day
:) even if you feel like you don't have time, I challenge everyone to
at least read five minutes from the Book of Mormon. If you have to,
wake up just five minutes earlier in the morning to get some study in.
It's the truest book in the whole word and it changes people's lives!
Like mine! I'm definitely way happier in my day when I read the

In my mission sisters are only allowed to teach and street women so
all of my investigators will be girls that I talk about haha. :) Namie
chan is my favorite. We taught her yesterday and she is trying to
prepare herself to receive a patriarchal blessing exactly a year after
her baptism which is May 17th :) she also got baptized on her
birthday! She really wants to serve a mission but has been inactive
forever. She says she finally feels like she's coming closer to God
again and she doesn't want to be separated from the church anymore. :)
she is already being a missionary too! She is teaching her friend the
gospel and she brought her to church with her last Sunday! I have a
testimony that people are placed in our path that only we have the
ability to help in exactly the way that they need it. So reach out to
those around you because only you have the experiences and gifts that
could help them :)

So parents, I can skype for Mother's Day May 11th or 12th so we need
to coordinate a time when your available with the whole family. So
figure out a time that works for Japan and America. So in America it's
the 10th or 11th and from 5pm on works cause it'll be in the morning
here. Tell me as soon as you can which day works and I'll talk to you
for 40minutes. I can read emails throughout the week just can't
respond to them:)

Thank you everyone for the support and emails :)

Oh and I went to Tokyo Temple today! Easily the most beautiful temple
I've been in! The visit was so peaceful and much needed! Everyone get
to the temple! (Sorry no pictures I forgot! We were in a rush!)

Love Sister Fordiani

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