Monday, April 20, 2015

Week 11 Week 2 Japan

Okay the spirit is the best seriously! We do everything with it. We
have found so many people this week by the spirit. My companion is
teaching me all of the things to say to be able to talk to people and
I'm starting to recognize words in what people say now. But I still
don't understand about 95% of what's happening around me :( but it'll
get better and better in time. I pray for charity and the gift of
tongues daily haha so I can speak to people and charity so I don't get
frustrated when I don't understand what they say back.

The members here are seriously amazing. So I have an extreme fear of
standing at the pulpit in sacrament meeting. Yesterday the ward asked
me if I would stand up and introduce myself and bear my testimony
about missionary work. So basically I was extremely scared. Like after
I had to leave the sacrament room and take deep breaths and calm down.
But I managed to say, "my name is sister fordiani. I have six people
in my family, two brothers and one sister." Then I bore my testimony
on temples cause those were the only words that came to mind haha.
After all the sweet ladies came up to me and thanked me for you
testimony which only caused me to start crying again haha but I'm so
grateful for them! One of the sisters who is stuck in her house with a
terrible disease had her husband bring me soy ice cream because we
call her almost every day and talk to her :) she wrote me a cute note

Today we went to an all you can eat restaurant and totally stuffed
ourselves full of Japanese food. It was an investigators birthday so
we all went out to lunch with her. She's deaf and so is her friend so
I've been learning some Japanese sign language haha. Her friend who is
a member can read lips so that is how we speak to them hahaha super
crazy! But it works and they are the funniest to hang out with. The
make noises and burp really loud but they don't know they do because
their deaf hahaha.

Okay I have tons of pictures to make up for last week! Thanks for all
the emails!

Lastly I just want to say that even though I can't speak the language
I can show people I love the through service. That's been the best
way. I can't wait to serve more and meet new people every day :)
Japanese people are the best and I definitely have the best mission :)

Love you all!
Sister Fordiani

The elders and sisters serving in Yamato branch speaking Japanese 💕

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