Monday, April 13, 2015

Week 10 First Week in Japan!

Okay everyone go to the Payson temple open house! I'm pretty sure that
it is open to the public right now :) the temple brings so much peace
so I know that going to the temple open house will really bless your
day that day and I promise you'll feel a lasting peace inside :)

If you haven't please watch or read general conference! I watched it
two weekends in a row and it was so awesome both times with tons of
wonderful advice. (Once in the MTC and once in Japan) my favorite talk
was Elder Bednar, Elder Packer, and Elder Holland's talks :) but if
your only going to watch one, watch Elder Holland's talk :)

So I'm in Japan! Super cool yo. I'm going to be brief cause I have two
weeks of writing to cover since I flew here last Monday/Tuesday.

The flight was sooooooo long! It took us 10 hours and 45 minutes to
fly over the Pacific Ocean (and I peed at 33,000 feet in the air!) is
that appropriate to say as a missionary?! Probably not sorry!!!!

I'm in Yamato shi. My first area. My companion is sister Gazdik she's
really great and she's fluent so she's training me :)

Radio taiso is the best look it up on YouTube. We did that the morning
we got here in Kichijoji so funny and fun!

I bought my bike yes! It's blue :)

Everything I've eaten is so good! Ramen rocks! And we're going out for
sushi tonight!

We have taught a lot and even though I don't understand what's going
on 90% of the time, I'm really happy. Which is ironic :) but I know
this is the lords work and he'll provide a way for me to accomplish
the things he needs me to do here. This is the spot he started me in
for a reason so I'm going to serve the best I can yo find his sheep :)

Thank you for the love and emails :)

Love sister Fordiani

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