Monday, July 18, 2016

Week 76 July is soooooo HOT (today is 34 degrees)

This week has been so perfect, no joke. We have been doing lots of fun
activities with our investigators and we have been building such
strong relationships with them.

With Hashizume San and her daughter, we went to the zoo on Monday and
we talked a lot more to the daughter. We had a fun time together and I
think that even though they tell us they aren't interested in the
gospel, they are watching how Mormons interact and live, what we
believe, how we do things, etc. They seem to love having us around! We
had a lesson together on Thrusday night and just as we were finishing
up there was that huge rainstorm! Instead of sending us off to drown
outside in the psycho rain, she let us stay longer after the lesson
and we were able to talk a lot more together again. It was a miracle
because we only have a couple lessons left scheduled with her.

Shelly met with us on Tuesday! We haven't seen her for a few weeks
because she has been too busy and in and out of the hospital. We have
been planning to meet on Friday, but she met with us earlier in the
week because Sister Zylks is leaving. It was really nice because she
texted us and asked if she could see us! When we met she talked the
entire time about her life and decisions. It was good to just listen
to her. She needs someone to listen to her as she motivates herself to
get back into life. She's been really sick for a really long time.
When we were saying bye, she told us, "See you on Friday!" We are
excited she wants to see us so frequently! Yay! But Friday ended up
being too busy so we couldn't see her :( so we are going over Sunday

On Monday Sister Kyomen invited all the missionaries over for dinner
and FHE with her 5 boys. It was so much fun! And her boys are crazy
haha! We played games together and ate yakiniku! (All you can eat
meat.) It was so nice of them to have us over! Then when Sister Zylks
transferred, Sister Kyomem came to hang out with me and be my
companion! Being a missionary with a member companion is the best. She
took me in her car to Costco and bought me food! It was sooooooooo
nice of her! Then we talked a ton about her family and about
investigators and I learned a lot of inside knowledge about the ward
and stuff. It was awesome.

On Friday, Miyoko Aihara our investigator and we had a lesson together
at the library. She contacted us asking if she can really receive
peace though reading the bible. So we taught her that the peace
actually comes from the Holy Ghost. Then we explained that as we keep
the commandments, attend church, pray, and read scriptures we can feel
the influence of the Holy Ghost. But when we are baptized we can have
the gift of the Holy Ghost and that constant companionship. She said
she is so jealous that we have the gift! What!? Then she gave herself
the commitment to come to church and she wants to meet with us once a
week! She's my best friend legit. I love her so much. We will help her
to feel happiness and peace!

Saturday night, we usually have English class at Sister Miyasaka's
house, but today she cancelled so we thought to ourselves, Ami chan
probably has free time during the same time on Friday! So we called
her and then set up a time to hang out! We didn't know what we should
do but then it came to us! We should go bowling! And so we did! Ami
chan had never been bowling before! It was sooooooooo cute! We taught
her how to bowl, about the score, how to pick a ball, and how wear the
shoes! She got gutter balls the first couple rounds and then she got a
strike! We were freaking out! It was so much fun! Then we went to
Baskin Robins and got ice cream! They had sherbet options! We just
talked and had tons of fun! Ami chan's tests are coming up soon and
she showed us that she is taking her biology test in English! We were
freaking out! How can she do that!? I can barely take biology tests in
English. She said she can't come to church tomorrow cause she has to
study and we completely understand! That's OK. But we are sad too
because she came last week and totally LOVED IT. So hopefully we can
meet with her and help her study and then during summer break she will
come to church and have time for lessons!

We had just lots of fun activities! Zone kubari kai in Machida area,
ping pong activity on Saturday, gospel study class with the Relief
Society sisters on Tuesday, transfers to new areas and new companions,
lots of lesson opportunities, and English class on Wednesday. This
week has been awesome!

I love my new companion! We get along perfectly! In fact, we are
basically the same person! She is from Mesa, Arizona and Anaheim,
California. She loves dance just like me! We kinda look like sisters!
This transfer is going to be perfect! I can't believe it's my last
one... :(

For my last transfer, and Elder Johnson who is also in Tama and who
also is on his last transfer, we decided our theme and focus for this
transfer is love and sacrifice. This is the discussion we had at
district meeting:

Love and sacrifice lie at the heart of the atonement of Jesus Christ
and should similarly lie at the heart of our missionary efforts. Love
is An anxious concern for the welfare of another and a great
motivating and driving force. Sacrifice is the act of giving up
something valued for the sake of something that is deemed to be of
greater value or importance. There is an important relationship
between love and sacrifice. You cannot truly posses one without having
at least in part the attributes of the other. They are inseparably
connected. As we love others we become anxious for their welfare and
seek to show the love we feel through our actions. These efforts lead
to the sacrifice of our personal interest, time, and effort in order
to express at least in part the deep gratitude, affection, and care we
have for those who we love. However as we find ourselves sacrificing
our time, talents, and means for someone else the love we feel for
that person deepens and becomes enriched with our sacrifice leading
therefore to an increase of love with then in turn leads to greater

I plan on loving people with my whole heart for my last few weeks!

Obedience is the price, faith is the power, love is the motive, the
Spirit is the key, and Christ is the reason.

Sister Fordiani

Kyomen Family FHE
Shelly and us!
Transfer day

We were studying the Book of Mormon with Hashizume San and it got
pretty classy when she brought us grape juice and small chocolates, so
I took a picture. ๐Ÿ˜œ
Lesson with Miyoko San!
We had the whole train car to ourselves!
Ami's first time bowling! ❤️❤️❤️

X-Men coming to theaters ๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜‚<--crying of happiness (it comes out
right when I get home)
Ice cream after bowling! They have the best sherbet here!
Our hike with Ali today "climbing the mountain" behind his house. I
got lots of bites ๐Ÿ˜ญ

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