Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Week 78 Seeing Too Many Americans Lately... Why You Gotta Be So Loud!?

Good morning and welcome to this week's letter by yours truly: the
Peachy Fordiani姉妹

I'm really worry for not writing last week! We didn't shop for food or
do any p-day things last week at all actually. Hahaha. We went to the
Kyoumen Family's house and spent the day with Kyoumen Shimai and her
kids! Then we had a lesson at five clear across our area so we ran to
that and it cancelled 😭 so the Kyoumen's felt bad and invited us back
over for FHE and even more food! We ate okonomiyaki for lunch and
yakiniku for dinner! Delicious! I'll make it all for you when I
return! Now today is temple day! My last one! So we are heading to the
temple right now, so that means icky isogashii Tokyo trains... and
that's why I didn't write yesterday either.

So no mom, the reason I didn't email wasn't because of the crazy man
who killed 19 people in Sagamihara. We drove past that facility on our
way to Machida church Saturday though. I know all of the details for
that story if you wanna hear about it later.

If I missed emailing the week before last week too, it was probably
because I was tired haha. You kinda get pretty tired when you are an
obaachan missionary. We battle exhaustion with prayer, food, and
shopping so no worries. No time to sleep though sadly!

This week has been stellar! We have done some pretty crazy stuff!

Miyoko Aihara San had another lesson with us where we discussed prayer
and feeling the Holy Ghost. She said it's pretty hard for her to feel
it and begin to recognize it because she has never felt it before. We
promised her that if she prayed to be able to feel the spirit, that
she would feel it. We also explained prayer and how we pray through
Jesus's name to God, and then God speaks back to us through the Holy
Ghost. She understands the godhead really well. It's super good. And
she really wants the influence of the Holy Ghost in her life.

Aiya Itou San has a baptismal date! Yay! She loves the doctrine that
we will be resurrected because she has so many health problems with
her body and mind. She wants to be baptized. She's absolutely an
angel. Her date is for August 13th. She is praying about her date! So
we'll find out tonight if she will get baptized that day or if she
wants to move her date to the 23rd which is her birthday! That'd be
adorable! She's terrified of putting her head under the water. So if
anyone has any good ideas on how to help her overcome that fear please
shoot me an email! You could be the means of helping her receive

This week has been really good. We have been focusing on less actives
because we felt the need to focus on less active members from last
Sunday. We met a member who has been less active for 20+ years and she
was really nice. Another less active member met a Tama Member in Tokyo
in an eki and they invited her to come to the machida music concert,
dinner at their house last night with us, and then church today.

We went to the squirrel park this week, participated in the music
concert in machida--I played ukulele, and we went and danced hula for
old people! The machida music concert was awesome. Our investigator
Miyoko Aihara San came and created lots of friends in the ward. She
loves hula with the relief society. She is progressing so well❤️

The temple was really awesome today! We got matching outfits 👍

Love Sister Fordiani

Okonomiyaki at the Kyoumen's house

I'm being Olivia from the bachelor--this car is just too ratchet
Our Squirrel Park group of fantastic peeps
Miyoko San and us at out hula performance!
Our car ride over to Machida!
Itou San watching a movie of Jesus being baptized with a little boy❤️
The Kyoumen family making dinner together #goals

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