Sunday, August 14, 2016

Week 80 Last Email Folks!

Hey Fam Bam and American Friends,

Well, this is it. My last Monday. I can see my mom reading this right
now just peeing her pants on the other side of this email. I love my
trunky family in Utah haha. I love my family in Japan too.

Honestly I'm going to keep this a bit short. I want to kind of write
what I learned, but I'm afraid that this email will end up being way
too long haha. And I don't think any of you realize this, but when I'm
writing I have to proof read then go back and fix my sentences.
Sometimes they come out really funky and out of order... Thank you

I will just say that everything good about me now, I owe to my
mission. My relationship with God, my testimony, my knowledge of the
gospel, my gratitude for my savior and understanding of his atonement,
my ability to work hard, love more, serve, rely on God, and many more
things... all of these things came from my mission. And I'm super

My mission homecoming is next Sunday the 21st, the same day as the
Sapporo Temple Dedication, so if you wanna come check it out haha feel
free! I'll be attending UVU that next Monday... Wow in one week I
start school. What in the world. So yeah! Can't wait to see everyone!
Thanks for your support of my mission! Love you.

Sister Fordiani

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