Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Week 75 July is Hot, and Elders are Not.

This week was really good. We had a couple lessons with Hashizume San.
And because of MLC we had to switch our normal time (which was a huge
blessing) because then we can bring a member.  When we switch the
time, we don't meet her at her house, we meet her at the eki instead.
The member was so key in this lesson. She helped Hashizume san feel
loved. We are going to Tama zoo with her and her family on Monday. I'm
really excited!

We have 5 more people we are beginning to work with recently! It's a
miracle. Miyoko Aihara, Masayo Oroguchi, Shelly Wang, Honoka Sato and
Ami chan! Haha they are all coming out of nowhere! God is blessing us
and Tama! We are doing our best to be bold and loving and trying to
follow the spirit. They are all setting appointments with us and
wanting to learn from us! They are prepared people! I'm going to help
them all I can for this next transfer.

We also have a great opportunity to work with LA members. Coming up is
the temple dedication for the Sapporo Japan Temple. The dedication
will be on August 21, the Sunday right after I leave, but what a
stellar opportunity for all of the LA members in Japan! It's like
visiting the temple when you attend the dedication and they can feel
the spirit of the temple there in the chapel! We're making a huge push
with our ward to get everyone to go and attend!

We got our transfer calls!!! I am staying in Tama! I am getting a new
companion! Her name is Sister Orton and she will be transfer 3! I am
SOOOOOOOOOOOO excited to have Orton Shimai as my companion! I can't
believe she'll be my last one 😭 but I'm ready to pass down all of my
mission knowledge to her and help her take over Tama and grow a lot.
She can do it! She's so amazing! So is Sister Zylks. She'll be an
awesome senior comp. in Tokorozawa. Can I please be a missionary

I got a blessing this week from my elders after MLC. Sister Law was
prompted to tell me that God needs to talk to me. I decided to be
humble and to receive the priesthood blessing even though I felt
nervous about what God was going to say in the prayer. It was amazing.
It helped me see my patriarchal blessing in a new light. It was a huge
defining moment in my life. God gave me the guidance I needed for my
last transfer and for my life after my mission! I didn't know I could
receive that much revelation for my life all at once. God really does
love me and really does want me to grow and excel and become like him.
He also needs me to help people and I can do that the most effectively
if I follow the promptings of the Holy Ghost. I know he is our father
and I know Jesus Christ lives and loves us too. That's why they've
gone to such great lengths to provide prophets, prayer, revelation,
the Book of Mormon, church, the atonement, and many other means
whereby we can return to live with Him again. But that's not all, we
can keep progressing in this life, keep learning more and more, keep
becoming better and better, until we become like He is. We are God's
children and we have the potential to become like God! Think about
that! How incredible is that!? I'm so grateful for my Savior's
atonement which makes all this possible.

This church is true, the book is blue, and God loves you!

Love Sister Fordiani 😘

We planted flowers in Machida for service! I love all these
missionaries so much!
MLC with all of my loves from the MTC! We were laughing so hard! You
can see that in the blurry one but I put a nice one too :)
Reika Arai was baptized in Kamiooka! I taught her and her mom a couple
of times when I was in Hodogaya area! So amazing!
Cool lizard 😉

We went to the zoo on Monday with Kiyomi San, her daughter, and Asahi
Kun ❤️ that's why we're emailing a day late! We got permission because
we were with them all day haha. The lions were roaring so loud! It was

Us with our new mission president and wife.
Me and my new companion!
My family is so cute!

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