Monday, December 28, 2015

Week 47 Christmas Letter to Mom

Dear Mom,

I went to Mariko's house today (grandma's friend) so I don't have a
lot of time either. Thank you for sending me a letter! I can't wait to
get them all in the mail! Talking to you is like a dream and we only
kinda have six months left so remember how fast they last one flew? It
will go so quick! Mariko said my Japanese is fluent! She is
exaggerating! She called grandma with me in the room but I didn't
break any missionary rules because I want our family to get lots of
blessings. They asked if I wanted to skype grandma and I said I
couldn't. 😔 I hope grandma understands because Mariko said she
sounded sad on the phone. I can't believe you've read both journals! I
just finished my third one and my companion bought me a journal for
Christmas! She's so sweet! Mommy I love you and you have had the most
influence on me to make me who I am today so I am so grateful and I
hope that I can be half of the mom you are! I love you so much too!


Carter's package
Grandma fordiani's package
Caroling on Christmas Day right after we went to sushi!
The card says "sukuinushi ga umareta" which means "a savior is born" ✨
My favorite! Our family on Skype!

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