Sunday, November 1, 2015

Week 39 Transfer Week! I'm transferring!


We don't have a lot of time this week so I'm gonna get right to it!

Tuesday we had a lesson with Nora who is amazing! She is in the middle
of her chemotherapy treatments and she is so strong! I love teaching
her because she likes gospel discussions in English! 😆 were getting
her a bible so she can read it! She wants to read the whole thing!

Wednesday we had the best Eikaiwa! We dressed up and I was Harry
Potter! But the best part was all of the Japanese people's costumes!
They went all out and we weren't expecting a ton of people to dress
up! We trick-or-treated around the church building and I told a "scary
story"... I made it up on the spot and it was pretty horrible/not
scary. But good thing that I teach the kids class because at the end
Momoko chan raised her hand and said, "Teacher, I was really scared!"

Friday we went to the Tama area and to Kichijoji to renew Sister
Yamaguchi's drivers licence. It was just as long and tedious as the
DMV so that was fun... Not. Plus our train ride was 2 hours one way...
😑😐 but Elder Leach gave me some Hot Tamales cinnamon candy from
America so I was happy! Then after we went out for curry with the
Elders and had a district blitz!

Saturday we got our transfer calls! I'm transferring! I leave on
Thursday for Shonan area! Me and my new companion Sister Wallace will
be opening the area back up after it's been closed for one transfer.
And I'm in charge! Senior companion. I'm a little nervous but I can do
anything through the Lord who strengtheneth me right? (That spelling
is probably dame... I didn't check the scripture before I quoted it.)
We also went for lunch with a member to a ramen place, I helped an old
lady carry her flowers to the bus station!!!!, we had an Eikaiwa
meeting that was Way too long, and we had a Halloween party with the
young women in our ward!

Sunday I had to say bye to everyone which was so sad! 😭😞

Today we went to Hard Rock Cafe! It was a little taste of America and
the food was amazing! The Elders brought hot sauce so we did a hot
sauce challenge and I thought I was going to die. But I did it! 😆
I'll put that movie up later!

Sorry this isn't very spiritual! But I know that this new transfer
will probably bring many challenges and I've learned that if I put my
trust in my Heavenly Father I can do hard things!

Love Sister Fordiani

1. For your viewing pleasure 😂😂😂

 2. Halloween Eikaiwa

3. YW Halloween Party

4. Hard Rock Cafe 😛

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