Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Week 40 Shonan!!!


Right now I'm writing this on the way to the temple! Whoo! My new area
is even farther away from the temple, so we're on trains for about 2
hours to get there. Blech! But man is the temple worth it!✨

So I'm in my new area Shounan!💕 It's beautiful! We are literally a 30
minute bike ride away from the ocean and it smells like sea water
outside!🌅 Our Eki is called Hiratsuka Eki and it has amazing shopping
which I love and the area is flat! Compared to riding bikes in
Yokohama, here is a dream!

My companion is a star! 😘 Literally! She is so diligent and she will
talk with everyone and anyone! And oh my gosh is she FUNNY! The last
couple of days I have killed over laughing like 40 times! She's
awesome! She's from St. George, Utah and she went to BYU for the last
year and now she's serving! She loves like all the same stuff I do and
I know we're going to kill it here together!

Leaving my last area was pretty hard! I fell in love with all of the
people and the members were so wonderful! I definitely want to go
back! Maybe serve there again at the end of my mission??.... 😊 that'd
be good! When I first transferred I had home sickness for my last area
and district of missionaries because we became so close, but  the Lord
gives us new challenges and trials to make us uncomfortable so that we
can grow! And I'm definitely ready to grow more and become an even
better missionary!

At the beginning of the week we met with all of our investigators that
I was leaving! We saw Nora and she gave me this beautiful white
sweater, we taught Ana the plan of salvation and it went sooooo well
because we found the missionary pamphlets in Romanian for her online,
and we went to the art museum in Yokohama with Rie! At Eikaiwa I
taught my cute class of little kids one last time and had to say bye
to everyone there too! 😩 the tough thing is that I may never see them

We are really focusing on creating a super strong relationship with
the members of our new ward so that we can help them with their
missionary work! Between visiting members we are finding people to
teach by talking to everyone! It's really fun! The sisters old area
book has tons of old potential investigators who we've lost contact
with since we were gone so we gotta go visit them too!

Today after the temple were celebrating Sister Wallace's birthday in
Yokohama! We're going to hit up the shopping and spankin' delicious
food! We're going to be running around like mad women to get
everything done on time, but hey! That's the fun of it 😉

Now I'd like to encourage all of you to "Catch the Wave"🏄 the wave of
missionary work!

"This wave of truth and righteousness is wondrous! It is not man-made!
It comes from the Lord, who said, “I will hasten my work in its time.”
This wave is empowered by a divine announcement made 193 years ago. It
consisted of only seven words: “This is My Beloved Son. Hear Him!”
Uttered by Almighty God, that announcement introduced a young Joseph
Smith to the Lord Jesus Christ. Those seven words launched the
Restoration of His gospel. Why? Because our living God is a loving
God! He wants His children to know Him and Jesus Christ, whom He has
sent! And He wants His children to gain immortality and eternal life!

"For this glorious purpose, our missionaries teach of the Restoration.
They know that some 2,000 years ago, the Lord established His Church.
After His Crucifixion and the death of His Apostles, men changed the
Church and its doctrine. Then, after generations of spiritual
darkness, and as predicted by previous prophets, Heavenly Father and
Jesus Christ restored the Church, its doctrine, and its priesthood
authority. Because of that Restoration, knowledge and essential
ordinances for salvation and exaltation are again available to all
people. Ultimately, that exaltation allows each of us to dwell with
our families in the presence of God and Jesus Christ forever!"

This is our special message to the world! I'm so thankful I can share
it and help families achieve the goal of being able to live with their
family forever! I know that this church is Jesus Christ's true church
once again restored to the Earth and through Christ's teachings we can
find the most happiness 😄
Love Sister Fordiani


 Tons of pictures of us in the old district! Our last week together 😭
 Me with Harry Potters spankin' wand!!! 😆

 Us with Rie at the Art Museum
 Sister Yamaguchi's b-day!

 The new district at a members house! We drew each other for an activity
 Me and Sister Law! Two 1/2 Italians rockin' Japan! 🇮🇹❤️
The new district at the temple!

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