Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Week 34 Hodogaya Transfer 3 Week 1

We went to the temple today so I really don't have all that much time
to write. So I'm just going to focus on one thing that happened this

On Wednesday the ward held their annual Fall Festival. It was a really
well put together activity! There were tons of games for the kids and
lots of yummy food. We invited all of our investigators to come, but
never received a sure 'yes' from any of them that they are coming. But
they ended up coming! First Nozomi chan came with her friends from
Eikaiwa! The ward knows them pretty well already so they just played
with the other kids in the ward. Then Ana came with her four children!
This was the biggest surprise to us because she is SO busy! But
Brother Don, our recent convert, and all of the kids in the ward just
came right up and were instant friends with her kids. Her kids had a
blast at the festival! And Ana even made the comment about how many
children were in the ward and how we're very family oriented. Yes!
Then our investigator Rie Kugai and her two little girls came and got
to enjoy some of the food!

Now, it would've been amazing if they could've came on Sunday and the
activity was church attendance, but when there is an opportunity to
invite people into the church building and an opportunity to mingle
with members it is so important! I don't think a lot of members
realize the importance of their impact on investigators.

At the event we had to drag members over to where our investigators
were sitting so they could say hi. When we suggested to the members
that saying 'hi' would be a really good thing, they got so nervous and
they analyzed the situation and tired to figure out when would be the
best time to cut in to talk.... And I am telling everyone now,
investigators are real people. They aren't scary. Haha 😂 And through
your friendship, you might be able to help them in a way the
missionaries can't with your testimony and your personal experiences
in applying the gospel in your life. We, as missionaries, sometimes
come off to people as well... not really people haha. Because we live
such high standards, it's intimidating. But through the members these
investigators can find true help and friendship as they repent and
make dramatic life changes!

The example of Don and the children in the ward impressed me so much.
They immediately included our investigators and befriended them.

"...and becometh as a child, submissive, meek, humble, patient, full
of love" (Mosiah 3:19)

I'm so grateful for my opportunity to be a missionary and for the
blessings of the temple. This experience has blessed my life and
helped me grow in my conviction of the gospel. I know this is the Lord
Jesus Christ's church and it's awesome!

Tons of photos enjoy!

Sister Fordiani

 1. With the Kugai girls!
 2. Ana and family at the festival!
 3. I busted through my shoes! First pair ever in my life I think!
4. I straitened my hair and took a selfie! It stayed pretty for maybe
15 minutes haha 😂

1-3. At Sister Chu's house making Chinese food! 😛

 4-6. We made mini bear pies!

7-8. We went and ate Mexican food in Yokohama just barely today!
Here's the famous Farris wheel! ❤️❤️❤️

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