Monday, September 21, 2015

Week 33 Hodogaya Transfer 2 Week 6

So we had transfer calls and as you can guess from the subject of the email, I am still in Hodogaya! This will be my third transfer in the same area  Hodogaya is so awesome so I'm really happy! For those of you that don't know where Hodogaya is, it is in Yokohama, Japan. Yokohama is split into a lot of small areas because there are so many people living here. And Yokohama is where I wanted to serve in the MTC when we would stalk Japan on Google Maps hahaha  yay! And my companion is Yamaguchi Shimai for another transfer! I love her so much and we were both super happy to stay together for another 6 weeks!

No more natural disasters this week thank goodness! And the heat has died down immensely! It's wonderful! It was even chilly some of the days! 

This week some pretty cool things happened! We went on splits on Wednesday and Thursday because there was a conference for all of the Japanese missionaries in our mission. So I spent the time with Magleby Shimai. She was one of the sisters I lived with as a 1st transfer in Yamato! She's so amazing just as a person and everything! We chatted all day while we dendou-ed and became even better friends!

While we were on splits, we went to visit an old area book woman named Yamanaka San. Missionaries had visited her before but it was about three years ago since she has talked to any missionaries. Well a miracle happened; we knocked on her door and she remembered meeting sisters before and she let us in to have a nice drink of mugi-cha (that was sarcastic... I hate mugi-cha. It is "okay" tea that members drink, but I think it tastes like cigarette buds.) Anyway, we ended up having the opportunity to introduce ourselves and since her dog died last month we also talked about the plan of salvation  yay! She's not interested in the gospel at all but we are still going to visit her from time to time and seek referrals from her because she is such a lovely lady! It was super cool to knock on a stranger's door and get let in right away! That had never happened to me before on my mission!

Another cute thing that happened was after Eikaiwa. It's the free English classes we teach every Wednesday. I was chatting with a mom who brings her daughter to my class and she had heard that we might get transferred! She told me that I can't get transferred because I'm her daughter's favorite teacher! That made me happy  I can see why you love teaching so much mom and dad!

Okay last amazing thing this week! We are teaching the Kugai family with the Elders. They just bought a bed for their two little girls and they needed help painting it, so we went over Saturday morning and painted the whole bed set for the girls. We did it with the elders but they had to leave early because they had another appointment so we stayed and finished. They had me write English all over the bed set and they thought it was the coolest thing that their daughters have this super cool bed set with English on it!  They were so thankful. I was super happy too because I got to paint all day which is one of my favorite hobbies! But they were so thankful. I am learning that even though I might not be able to speak Japanese well and touch hearts through extravagant explanations of the gospel, I can teach and show people what it is to be a disciple of Christ through my actions!  

Sister Fordiani

 1. My district

 2. Painting the beds!

3. The stairs I painted :) 

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