Sunday, September 13, 2015

Week 32 Hodogaya Transfer 2 Week 5

Hello admirers  

Hahaha just kidding! This last week has been quite eventful! We had a couple of almost natural disasters. But the weeks always are crazy and busy so yeah! 

Last Tuesday we were at the temple and that's why my last email didn't send because we had literally 20 minutes to email before 6:00 when we needed to start dendou-ing again. And the email I was trying to send just wouldn't.... So everyone gets two this week! Merry Christmas! 

Thank you for sending me emails too throughout the week! It's literally the best when I can read how people are doing back home! (You know to make sure you haven't died or anything in these last seven months...) 

So Tuesday was temple day, I wrote more about it in my last email! Another thing that happened was we had a run in with the cops hahaha  we parked our bikes in an "illegal area" and in Japan bikes are treated like cars. So they impounded our bikes like a ten minute walk away... which would have totally been no big deal if it hadn't been a mini-typhoon outside. After paying the fee (only 1500円 not bad) and putting on my rain jacket, I was much happier! And now I know to be better prepared for surprise rain storms so I never have to be that wet ever again. 

Wednesday was typhoon day! It was lots of rain and wind hahaha. The typhoon that hit Japan was about as big as the country itself! We looked it up on our weather app! So the lame thing was that our two lesson appointments with Rie and Ana cancelled because no one, except for the missionaries, goes outside during typhoons. Luckily most of the rain and wind happened in the morning while we were studying! That's why missionaries should always be obedient to the schedule hahaha  oh and typhoons aren't really all that scary. They just sound scary!  Think of the most rain you've ever seen in your whole life and times that by 7 and then add really high wind speeds and you have a typhoon!

Thursday we had zone conference! It was full of keiji (or revelation)  I loved when we talked about how obedience brings miracles! And I loved this quote: "God made us free and then gave us commandments to keep us free!" Never thought of it like that! We also talked about how Satan was the first person to suggest breaking the commandments in the garden of Eden when he tempted Eve. So interesting! Then the returning missionaries gave their final testimonies and I just bawled like a baby! I got really close with this last group and its sad to see them go! Their testimonies of Christ were amazing and I hope someday that I can be as amazing of an example as they are!

Friday we had a lesson with our member referral; however, it fell through because she wouldn't answer the door. We went back yesterday (on Sunday) and we saw her through the window and when we rang the doorbell no one answered. So not quite sure what happened there... probably Satan! 

Friday at 5 a.m. we had an earthquake! And it was huge! It rocked our whole house! So awesome!  hahaha Sister Yamaguchi and I sat up straight at the same time and just stared at each other... like 'should we run?' Then it stopped. Mmmmm, oh and I had a dream that I was in Costco last night, but Costco didn't have any of the food that I needed on my shopping list so I was all panicky hahaha. And our investigator Nozomi chan came to church yesterday! That rocked! She's nine years-old so I just played with her during sacrament. I drew her a picture of her, Sis. Yamaguchi, and I and then she colored it with her Frozen coloring pencils ️ it kept me entertained during sacrament too hahaha so it was awesome! 

Okay sorry that was all over the place!
Love Anna 

Here in the Land of the Rising Sun....we're getting ready for Halloween already!

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