Sunday, October 4, 2015

Week 35 Hodogaya Transfer 3 Week 2

Hey everyone! I finally got to see woman's conference yesterday! Japan
is a week behind because we have to wait for conference to be
translated. So I won't be able to watch conference until this Saturday
and Sunday. I'm dying to find out who the new apostles are! So if
you'd like, please shoot me an email and ruin the surprise for me!
Yoroshiku onegaishimasu! I'm not one for tv surprises! Just ask my
family haha 😉

So this week was awesome! We had the opportunity to teach 2 of our
investigators and one of those lessons was with a member! Yes! Plus
the member family also fed us yakiniku! That means all you can eat
meat and veggies! It was so delicious! I tried pig tongue and liver!
But nothing can beat the deliciousness of chicken hearts! ❤️

Now that your slightly grossed out and uncomfortable... Haha 😂 sorry!
We taught Rie Kugai about Jesus Christ, his life, and miracles. She is
the mother with the two little girls who we painted the pink bed for.
Her husband has a lot of faith and we are trying to help her develop
her faith too. It's really hard for her to believe there is a God and
even harder to believe in Jesus Christ. But I have a testimony that as
she reads the Book of Mormon, comes to church, and prays with all her
heart to know if this church is true, she'll develop faith and get an
answer. How incredible is that? It's so simple, yet we have that
promise from our Heavenly Father, we can know the truth for ourselves.
And what's more, we can discover it over and over again!

We taught Rie Arai with Sister Michelle her best friend! We taught her
the plan of salvation! She has a Christian background so her questions
are really good! But my favorite part was seeing her friend Michelle
have the opportunity to bear her testimony to Rie 😊 I mean, it's
great when we as missionaries bear our testimony, but it's so much
more powerful when members and friends bear their testimonies! When
you have the chance to teach your friends, your testimony means so
much more to them! Even if they don't accept the gospel, because we
all have agency and that choice whether or not to accept, I know that
as you share what you know to those around you it will help you grow
even closer in your friendship! Try and see 😉

Anyway! That's about all for this week! I'm heading back to Yokohama
today for lunch and shopping, so expect some sweet pictures next week!
Love you all and I love Japan!

Sister Fordiani

Me and Sis Yamaguchi

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