Sunday, October 11, 2015

Week 36 Hodogaya Transfer 3 Week 3

We had conference and it was amazing! I gotta be honest though, if I
wasn't reading along in English on my iPad, I would have no idea what
anyone is talking about! But reading along was awesome because I could
highlight all the parts I liked!

This week was pretty busy! We went to Yokohama on Monday and went
sight-seeing. I would have rather gone shopping, but I was the only
one in that mind frame... so instead I picked up a cool Yokohama map
from the information center in the train station and oogled at all of
the cool things to do in Yokohama! I would like to go to the art
museum someday! And we were so close to the ocean! I couldn't see it
though. And we just got a new rule that we can't go to the beach. So I
can't wait to go after my mission!

We visited two member families this week! We went to the Endo's and to
the Takahashi's. They both served us delicious food and I love
teaching members and building their faith through our visits! They
build our faith too through their comments! It's so good!

On Thursday we traveled to Yamate Park where Japan was dedicated for
missionary work by Heber J. Grant, and we had a zone meeting. The
weather was gorgeous so it was really hard to focus! But it was a good

On Friday we had our interviews with President in Yamato. Mine went
great! We discussed the people who we are working with. Lately like
all of our investigators and less active members we've been working
with have had huge trials hit them. So it's been fun to help our
investigators see how the gospel brings peace and purpose when we have
those huge trials. Trials will come, but how we respond makes all the
difference. Will we loose faith or will we cling tighter to the gospel
of Jesus Christ?

Sorry it's short this week!

Love Sister Fordiani
1. A boat museum in Yokohama! It was closed but I still wanted a
picture with the boat! I tried to get Yamaguchi Shimai in there with
me but she told me, "きょうみがないよ". Hahahaha 😂
2. All of us in Yokohama
3. The famous ferris wheel!

4. Zone meeting at Yamate Park

1. Us! Yamate Park!

2. Takahashi Shimai's daughter Hitomi chan❤️

3. Elder Christensen and Elder Phillips at conference 😂 Nozomi chan
our investigator stole my iPad and took crazy pictures of everyone!

4. Me and Nozomi chan!

5. Elder Thurman found my picture at the UVU institute building and
sent it to President Wada who gave it to me during interviews! Cool!

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