Thursday, March 5, 2015

Week 4

Heyo! How is everyone doing??? It's been exactly one month since I've been in this MTC and my life is going great! It's so crazy that I've lived a month here now because the time literally flies. It doesn't feel like it's been a month at all. 

So my calling is the bestest thing ever! We get to meet with all the sisters in my zone and I'm so grateful for all of them. Lauren! One of them is from New Zealand :) we started a tradition where we pray every night together. We spin a hairspray in the middle of us to get to see who prays haha. 

We just had another group of Nihonjin come to the MTC from Japan. They don't stay nearly as long as we do but they are so cute! There are a couple from Sapporo, one from Tokyo, and the rest are from around the Nagoya area. They like to practice their English with us and we practice our Nihongo on them. They're so cute. 

So I can teach in Japanese pretty well now. If I know the vocabulary I can make a sentence pretty close to what I want to say :) I told a story to our investigator last night about how that one morning mom wouldn't let me walk to school because she had a bad feeling so she drove me instead. And we taught him that the Holy Ghost is the one who prompts us to keep us safe. It was really fun :) 

Thanks daddy for the package with all of the food :) I was really confused at the assortment of treats until I saw you made it hahaha. And your note was the best thing ever! I love getting notes :) 

So this week my testimony has definitely grown about prayer. We had a devotional where one of the seventy and their wife talked about asking God. In the talk they gave the example of Joseph Smith when he was praying in the grove and Satan was there all he did was ask God to remove the darkness from him and after he asked was when God and Christ appeared to him in the grove. God is not going to take away our agency. That is why its so important to ask him when we need help or comfort or anything. He's just waiting to help you! 

Another profound thing I learned this week was more about the premortal life. Before we were spirits we were intellegances. Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother gave birth to our spirits and raised us! When you hear that Heavenly Father knows everything about you it totally makes sense because they raised us! I'd never thought of it that way before. That's why they love us so much because God is literally our Heavenly Father :) I learned a lot more about the Plan of Salvation too that I had never realized but that'll take too long to explain haha. 

Anyway, its been a way great week. 

Watashi wa Kamisama ga Ten no Otosama da to shitte imasu. Watashi wa kazoku no mohan ni kansha shimasu. Ten no Otosama wa watashitachi ga taskeru koto ga dekiru to shitte imasu. Ai shite imasu. 

Love Sister Fordiani 

Oh and all of the Elders laugh about this Japanese phrase: kisa mai asa, which means this morning, every morning, but sounds really close to something else in English haha. Every opportunity they get, they say that phrase hahahhaha  :) 


The first three were at our temple walk! 

Those are all of the sisters in our zone <3

Then a picture of me!

Then a picture of me and Bybee shimai and Klein choro walking back to the MTC. (Klein choro acts and sounds just like Gunnar :) its so great!) 

Then the last one was last night of me and Law shimai eating our Korean barbecue jerky that Bryce choro's mom buys for us hahaha. Sorry that one is a bit blurry. We are super addicted to Korean barbecue jerky, those apple/caramel succors, popcorn/kettle corn (thanks daddy), and chips and salsa. 

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