Thursday, March 26, 2015

Week 7 Almost to Japan!

Hey everyone!

Okay so best thing this week I've been doing is watching all of the many bible videos of Christ's life that they have on You go down where it says bible videos and then you just watch them from the beginning to the end. They go in order and they have like every story and every miracle from Christ's life in movie form. It's totally helped to build my testimony of Christ and has helped me understand a lot of the parables I've been reading in the New Testament. This is really fun too because Easter is coming really quick! I love thinking about Christ and his atonement. 

We talked about the atonement all last week because it was our topic for Sunday. At the MTC everything is based of topics for every meeting on Sundays. I got a better understanding of what God's grace really is. Sometimes throughout your day you feel like you don't measure up and you become discouraged. You might not heed a prompting because of that or you might just have a sour attitude. So when you say your nightly prayers and account to the Lord your day, we apologize for those times where we just didn't really measure up. This is using the atonement. Even if you don't utilize the atonement every day remember that Christ suffered for all of your sins whether or not you turn to him to have him take those away from you. So why not utilize the atonement? God's grace is the next step. After we apologize for the times we just didn't quite measure up, God makes up the difference. Somedays I just get too tired to focus on studying, but now I feel like I'm behind the rest of my class. If I apologize and promise to try harder to be better the next day God's grace makes up for those times when I just couldn't quite reach up to my potential. How amazing is that? 

My Testimony in Japanese: 
Watashi wa fukuin ga shinjitsu da to shitte imasu. Monson Daikancho ga yogensha da to akashi shimasu. Iesu Kirisuto wa watashitachi no Sukuinushi desu. Iesu Kirisuto ga watashitachi no tsumi o aganatta to shitte imasu. Kamisama to Iesu Kirisuto wa watashitachi o ai shimasu. Kamisama to Iesu Kirisuto wa minasan ga heian to shiawase o kanjitai to omoimasu. Watashi wa fukuin ga heian to shiawase o motorasu to yakusoku shimasu. Watashi wa Morumon sho o yomu toki ni heian to shiawase o kanjimasu. Morumon sho ga shinri da to shitte imasu. Morumon sho wa shitsumon ni kotae o tasukemasu. Jinsei o michibiku yo ni tasukemasu. Watashi wa nagusame o kanjirareru yo ni inorimasu. Kamisama wa inori o kikimasu. Inori ni yotte watashi wa shinren o norikoeu koto ga dekimasu. Kamisama ga iru ka do ka shiru tame ni inoru hitsuyo ga arimasu. Kamisama no ai ni tsuite inoru toki ni atatakai to heian o kanjimasu. Kyogi to seiyaku sho kyu sho no hatchi setsu desu. 
"But, behold, I say unto you, that you must study it out in your mind; then you must ask me if it be right, and if it is right I will cause that your bosom shall burn within you; therefore, you shall feel that it is right." Kono seiku kara Kamisama ga inori o kotae ni tsuite manabemasu. Watashi wa fukuin ga daisuki desu. Iesu Kirisuto no mina ni yotte akashi shimasu amen. 

I love you all! Have a great week! 
<3 Sister Fordiani

The first picture is a package from Auntie Shelly in Oregon! I loved it and my whole district helped me eat all of the candy but I didn't share any of those chocolate oranges with anyone!!! Brenna and Chantrell's pictures were so cute and thank your for the card and for thinking of me! I miss you!

The last three pictures are from me and Bybee shimai's adventure outside of the MTC. She needed to visit the orthodontist so we got to leave on one of the shuttles and go to the outside world! We listened to music in the office (we tried really hard not to) and they gave us free slushies! It was WAY FUN! 

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