Thursday, February 12, 2015

Week 1-- MTC Loooovvvveeee!!!

Hi everyone!

The MTC is freaking awesome! I love it here besides having to eat the food. That's pretty crummy. Its like heated up cafeteria food and if you drink the orange juice you get constipated. 

My first day here was a blur. They took me to drop off my things in my room and then they threw me in a Japanese language class where they spoke Japanese to us and we had to guess what they were saying for three hours. So that class is every day too so that's been way crazy. We taught our first lesson in Japanese on Friday (two days after I got here) and it was entirely by the spirit that me and my companion have been making through the lessons. We have little books we call the "ninja" to help us but we never know exactly what Shibatta Kyodai is trying to tell us/ ask us. 

We were teaching him yesterday and getting a baby bit frustrated that we couldn't express our testimonies to him and explain to him things that would be so easy to explain in english. When I got the impression to just bear my testimony in Nihongo. I just expressed to him that I know my heavenly father loves all of us and listens to our prayers. It was way broken Japanese because I only know the words for prayer inoru, Heavenly Father Ten no Otosama and that's about it. But the Spirit hit me like a brick wall and I just started bawling in the middle of the lesson. It was the best experience of my life! Shibatta Kyodai was a little taken back but I know those things with all my heart and I can't wait until I can express my testimony in perfect Nihongo. 

We joined the MTC choir of like 500 missionaries. Its the perfect way to have a break from studying. I totally advise all missionaries to do that while they are at the MTC. Its so awesome! We sang "I need thee every hour" this last week during Tuesday devotional and I got on the big screen with my companion! Yeah!

Our Sunday walk was beautiful! That is what you'll see from the pictures! It was so sunny and warm. We study all day and are basically prisoners to our classroom so we are never outside. You'll see pictures of my district and of me with my red haired companion Bybee Shimai. She's awesome! She's from Riverton UT and she has the sweetest spirit. 

We were made district training leaders the second day we were here. Our class is a district and a couple of districts make a zone. So me and my companion are like the zone leaders over all the sister missionaries in our zone. :) There are Elder zone leaders too but they aren't in our class. My district have become my family. They are freaking hilarious! I love all of them with all my heart. Yesterday we went around and told each other what animals we look like haha. I was a Tucan and my companion was a starfish. 

Mom and dad! So the best way for me to call you at the airport is if you buy me a cell phone and put like 200 minutes on it. Then send it to me right before I leave to fly to Japan. Then I can call you at the airport and throw away the phone when I'm done. I heard that calling cards that you can buy here sometimes don't work and the lines at the phone booths are long so this is the best way. 

Thank you for the chips and salsa! That keeps us sane! And Bybee Shimai loves rootbeer so that was a wonderful thing too! I love you all have a wonderful week!

Love Fordiani Shimai (sister)

P.S. Please send me a sim card reader for my camera. I have a normal sized sim card. That is the only way I can get pictures onto the email :) 

Companion Sister Bybee
Provo MTC

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