Sunday, February 8, 2015

Hi I'm Not Dead


The MTC is awesome! I'm not dead or sad so don't be sad at home or I'll be really mad :) my companion is Bybee Shimai (sister) and she has red hair just like my dream! We were called last night to be Sister Training Leaders which means we are in charge of all the sisters in our zone. We are supposed to be missionaries to the missionaries haha :) Its sooooooo great! We've already helped other Hermanas in another zone with homesickness. We get along so good. She's awesome! Um, so this is supposed to be short and my p-day is on Thursdays so you'll know when to look for another letter. I'll have 60 minutes to write here. I love you guys!


Fordiani Shimai
Companion Sister Bybee

Provo MTC

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