Monday, August 31, 2015

Week 30 Hodogaya Transfer 2 Week 3 👘✨

Hi everyone!

So it's been a week :) All of you are in school again which blows my mind! Where did summer go? Has it really been a whole summer vacation? What? Well today all the Japanese students started school again too. This is where it gets tricky to find people with time to hear our lessons because Japanese people are pro at being busy! But it is also a great way to tell who is really serious about learning more about the gospel because they will make time to meet us! 

This week we have been really focusing on building relationships with the members and finding new people to teach. We have stopped by tons of members houses this week to just say hi and share with them a quick message! We are hoping through building relationships of trust then members will introduce us to their neighbors and friends who are ready. When we haven't been meeting members, we have been contacting everyone in our area book and finding new people! We found two old member referrals in area book that we are working on! One person used to have a baptismal date! We're excited to see where those go...

So we met with Rie, our investigator, yesterday! We were able to talk to her and teach how to use prayer to make big decisions because she's thinking about moving back to the United States. She's an awesome person! She doesn't live in our area right now so going to see her is pretty tricky. But because she is ready and receptive to the gospel we're making sure that we are meeting with her even if we have to travel like 2 hours one way to her home haha :)

We are also working with Ana from Romania still! We ordered a Book of Mormon in Romanian and we gave it to her today!

I am getting along just swell with my companion Yamaguchi Shimai! She's hilarious! So yesterday, while walking to an appointment, I really had to pee. So out of curiosity, I asked Yamaguchi Shimai how you ask people REALLY POLITELY to use the toilet. (In Japanese there are different forms and words you can use to change how polite something is). So she told me you say, "Toire karete mo ii desu ka". Okay.... alright! I can do that! So the second word in that sentence is "karete" which means to use/borrow kinda. But when you say it, it totally sounds like the word "curry". So of course I, wanting to make a memory trick, tell Yamaguchi Shimai, "Oh it sounds like toilet curry!" Not even realizing what I was saying hahahaha!  To which she responded "YADA!" (Which means gah! or no way! or sick!) Hahahahahaha! Then we both just died! Like literally on the side of the road we were laughing so hard! Missionary work rocks guys! 

Well thanks for tuning in! Sorry that wasn't all that spiritual hahahaha  love you! 

Sister Fordiani

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