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Week 27 Hodogaya (August 3- August 10)

Hi! This week has been our last week with Brox 姉妹! We have been so busy that it has just FLOWN by literally! We got our transfer calls on Saturday, but of course I put that at the end of each email for suspense  (so just scroll down if you wanna see it).

Monday-- after Costco, we had the rest of our normal p-day. At night we have 3 hours of dendo before planning so we went to visit the girls Nozomi and Megumi. They taught us this awesome dance! It's the one all the kids learn when they are little and when you dance it you look like a ninja! Of course doing it in dresses was like impossible and dancing in the road was even more ridiculous because we had to stop and move for cars every couple of minutes, but it was so fun!
Tuesday-- we have a district meeting every Tuesday; however, because it was our last one with the district this week we decided to go out to eat. We had a really hot day of missionary work, but we got to end the day with a visit to the Naoi's for dinner. They are my favorite couple! We call them "eien no kyudousha" which means literally "eternal investigator" haha. They have been meeting with/seeing missionaries since 2011. They have so many pictures of missionaries in this one photo album, you can trace the line of missionaries back to the beginning (and I'm in there too!!!). They are so sweet! They said when we get married we can stay at their house and we always play ping pong in their upstairs loft :) SO CUTE! I love them.
Wednesday-- we skyped Becky in Utah! She lives currently in Japan, but she is from Spanish Fork. So because she is visiting Utah right now, we skyped her and taught her a lesson. Then we had her walk outside so we could see the Utah mountains :) yaaaaayyyyy! Brox 姉妹 had her final interview so we just chilled while she talked to Wada 会長. We talked to him a bit too after they were done and he was teasing me about transfer calls. He was asking me if I was ready to be a senior companion, and then he told me that he always lies to the missionaries. Well, great!  I love him so much! He takes such good care of us.
Thursday-- we had three appointments scheduled! We visited first with Shirai 姉妹. We watched the Joseph Smith video with her, and talked about how without his experience we wouldn't have the knowledge or blessings that we have today from the restored gospel. She is struggling with her testimony a lot, but I know through our lessons with her we can hopefully help build that foundation of faith for her again. Next we visited Saito 姉妹, and we shared with her a quick Mormon message. I led the lessons today so the beginning was a bit rough; however, it turned out to be a really good message and I could feel the spirit was there! Yes! We shared the same video and message with our dinner appt. the Nagano family. They fed us amazing sushi! I love that stuff SO MUCH! After we shared a message, we asked about their conversion stories. It was funny because they both said when the missionaries taught about Joseph Smith they thought it was a huge lie haha . But within 2 months for Nagano Shimai, and 9 months for Nagano kyoudai, they were both baptized! Then they pulled out all of their old wedding photos and photos of when they came to Utah in 2002 for the Olympics  awesome! That's definitely my goal! I would love to come here in 2020 for the Tokyo Olympics!
Friday-- we had the biggest miracle of all! We got our lesson with Ana Horiuchi San! I'm just going to call her Ana from now on because in her lesson she said that in Romania it's very impolite to call people by their last names (which is completely opposite of the culture in Japan). But how cute huh!? She has the same name as me! We finally taught her the first lesson all about the restoration, Joseph Smith, and the Book of Mormon! Oh my word it was incredible! She is SO PREPARED people! She had a bajillion questions and she said that she is looking for the true church because she doesn't know why her current religion does a lot of the things it does! Well, let us tell you about a boy who had that same exact question!  We bore our testimonies a couple times about Joseph Smith's experience and the Book of Mormon. I was so happy after! SO HAPPY! That was seriously the coolest moment that has ever happened to me in my life people! Yeah! Pray for her and her four little cute boys! She's an incredible person!
Saturday-- today was so crazy. We got our transfer calls! (See below) we went to a member's house for lunch. We went to the Koyamagishi's! They fed us tacos on rice! It's the most American meal we get fed here and we love it! They didn't force us to drink tea either! There is okay brands of tea to drink and the Japanese members know them all, but that doesn't mean that we missionaries like tea. It's a huge part of the culture but I can't get over the slight dirt taste to it. Ick. I had amazing tea at a Chinese member's house and it was so yummy! I didn't think I'd be breaking the word of wisdom so much on my mission haha! Then we had a farewell party! So many people came it was crazy! Like literally crazy! People and kids were running around everywhere, we had made Costco pizza so everyone was eating that, but she got so much support and we had so many non members come and they were able to talk to members! And having people in a fun environment in the church is so essential to helping them feel comfortable with religion! So it was successful :) it was really fun!

Transfer calls!!-- I'm staying in Hodogaya and my companion is Sister Yamaguchi! I have another Japanese companion! Hunsaker Choro is training so we get a bean chan in our area too! That'll be crazy! :) 

Hey have a fun week everyone! I'll be with Sister Handy until Thursday when we transfer! Then we have temple P-day on the 18th so you'll hear from me a day late that week! I'm sorry! But go temple! Go church! Go celebrity Handy! Hahahahaha! (Inside joke )

Sister Fordiani

1-district lunch :)

2-setting up Brox's party

3-lunch with the Koyamagishi's

4-our last day together at the church

5&6- Shibuya Tokyo!! So many people!!

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